Monday, December 9, 2013

A Public Service Announcement .. Dee Style!

This is your brain .. this is your brain en femme .. any questions?

When I visited Kaitlyn's blog site this morning, I was intrigued by this particular caption, which was in the form of a Public Service Announcement aka a PSA. When I was a radio DJ, we occasionally had to read one of these things, or play a pre-recorded one, and we used to call them Pissers, cuz they took all the fun and jocularity out of the show. Nothing like a good old, "smoking while pregnant can lead to low fetal weight or premature babies," spot to get the party started!

She mentioned possibly making more, and truth be told, I wanted in on the action! Well, especially since my mind started playing 2 of the most famous PSA's of the 1980's. One was the, "this is your brain on drugs, any questions?" commercial, and the other I referenced in today's caption. Its such a product of the late 80's and early 90's. We'll quote it in the household at least once a month. "Sweetie, who taught you to swear like a sailor?" "From YOU Dad. I fuckin' learned by listening to you!"

The hardest thing about making the caption was finding a suitable picture that would work. I wanted to find a androgynous guy on a bed, so I could try to recreate the commercial as best I could. I knew I wouldn't be able to find a dad holding up lingerie in front of his son who is drumming on a bed, so I searched until I found the best photo I could find. This one worked out perfectly .. and it wouldn't have shocked me if I came up with the idea for this caption if I saw this picture first.

From what I hear, Miss Simone is gong to do a PSA or two as well. Perhaps tonight, but she really likes to make sure they are polished, and her design takes much more work than what I do, so be on the lookout for it when its posted! Sounds like its going to be a lot of fun to read!

Apparently, Caitlyn enjoyed Simone and my PSA so much she made her own which you can see HERE! Its like a tidal wave of PSA captions! If you are a TG captioner out there, why don't YOU try and make one too! Join in the fun!

So, I guess I can start with the Christmas songs now, right? Nah, but here's a video from a band that WILL have one of their Christmas songs posted here in the next week or so!

If the government could read my mind, they'd know I'm thinking of you!


  1. OMG! Dee! I love this one! Love! Love! Love it! So clever! It will go down in the annals of great sissy captions.



    1. Yes, you brought this up, it inspired my own version. I hope you get a good chuckle on this one because I certainly snorted out loud reading yours!

  2. Great cap Dee! I hadn't thought of that PSA in years, but reading your cap brought it back in all it's 80s wonderment!

  3. You know, these would be fantastic ideas for the Haven caption contests. . .

  4. have posted a psa here I hope you might check it out