Monday, November 25, 2013

Wrong Side of the Road! DIY results and new DIY as well!

Is it really all that distracting to the driver, or the pedestrians?

This is the caption I made awhile back but hadn't found a person to fill the starring role, as I needed a person that wasn't in the UK and didn't mind being portrayed as a bit of a cross dresser. I actually had Sammie in mind back then but she was in the middle of a captioning sabbatical and not around the Haven. So when she recently came back, I figured it was a bit of luck that I hadn't tried to re-write it and left it the way it was when I had thought about using her as the protagonist.

The process for the story was this .. I loved her legs and the way she presented herself in the photo, but obviously it couldn't be set in the US or any place where they have the steering wheel on the right side of the car. The idea that "She" was learning how to drive all over again appealed to me, and I didn't want a magical caption .. I mean, if she could be changed into a girl magically, why couldn't we just make her already KNOW HOW to drive on the other side of the road? LOGIC! And people think that we just throw these captions together with no rhyme or reason!

Well, I know that I would have a rough time trying to drive on the left side of the road while in the USA passengers side and thought about visiting one of our TG friends in London. From there I just fleshed out the caption as needed. I think that perhaps my psychology might be a little skewed, but my reasoning is the same as the "if you can't reach an itch, scratch someplace else and you'll forget about the first itch!"


Ahhh, those DIY projects. Sorry I didn't get to them last night, but the New England Patriots / Denver Broncos game on Sunday night was an epic comeback in overtime for the home team, and I wasn't done celebrating until after 1 AM and I had to be up at 7 AM to get ready for work. We ended up with 2 submissions, which I did a little bit of work upon to make them grammatically correct or to clarify a storyline. As you can see, there is quite a lot of room for text so you shouldn't fear about writing a couple of paragraphs. As usual, click on the thumbnails for the full sized caption.

First up is Ian ...

.. and the second story comes from Helena.

Props to both for whipping something up to go with the caption setting. I hope to see at least 3 submissions this time around with the framework posted below. If you'd like to make your own and want the original photo, I can try to post it here upon request.

I should be back tomorrow or Wednesday!


  1. love the caption any excuse to get a guy in to stockings works with me. maybe a follow up 'do I really have to keep my hand on your cock in order to learn stick shift ?'
    I well have a think on the diy thanks for posting (and correcting)my little effort

  2. Great cap, I think I would have a hard time on the driving on the left side of the road as well. So if I would ever have to drive on the other side of the North Sea you have given me a great Idea. It just might be a bit difficult to explain when I get pulled over, and with my luck I will.

    I like how the DIY's turned out, and a thank you from me as well for the posting and the correcting.
    I would like to make the new DIY myself, creating the layout myself is part of the fun, so I would appreciate the original photo. Maybe it is easier if you mail it to me, instead of posting it. My mail address is on my Haven profile.
    When do you need the finished cap?
    Strange, you're the third within a week who reminded me of Gogol Bordello. That makes you a charm if I'm right;)

  3. caption entry
    "Sure has been fun taking you for everything you had Tammy. he he Every thing !"
    Tammy squirmed and pull her small bag on to her lap as the woman eyed the flat
    front of her shorts.
    "Now get out my sight. a pretty girl like you can get a RIDE here, he he, Don't ever
    let me se you round here again EVER!
    Tammy got out of the van which quickly pulled away its horn blasting.
    All eyes alerted by the loud horn turned on to the bewildered shivering girl now
    standing alone in the middle of the truck stop.
    Tammy knew she would have to take one of the lewd offers now being directed at her.
    It was all such a far cry from three weeks ago when the brash Thomas had sped his Merc into
    "Shitsville" to fore close on the Dee farmstead.

    hi Dee hope I am not to late. most of my efforts turn into an epic guess this might be a little long
    believe it or not this is an edited version .

    1. You JUST got it in on time as I am writing up the post now. Since we only had one entry when I started, I ended up making one myself so we have 3 entries now!

      This should be posted sometime on Wednesday night EST

      It came out fine. I made a few quick adjustments to it .. mostly to take out the "He he" parts.