Friday, November 29, 2013

The Measure of a (former) Man! My 500th posting!

In a game of inches, don't give up a mile!

Was a very busy Dee Bee today, with shacking around the daughter from one job to the next on Black Friday and me volunteering to do some Christmas shopping for others that didn't have time since I am already done with mine. Even had time to make a new caption for this... the 500th posting!

I really wish I had something epic and provocative for you, with much insight into the whole human spirit and how we can all live together as one in a peaceful .. yeah right! Its about boobies.

I guess I could try to tie that into the yearning to be feed knowledge like we were when we were young and nursing at the teats of our forebears but .. yeah, its about boobies growing on a former boy.

And hey, it all really does come down to boobies, doesn't it? Wanting to view them, cradle them, play with them in various states of sexual congress, and possibly own some from time to time. Its even that way for women, as I think I may have met maybe 5 women that love their breasts exactly the way they are .. either they are too big, too small, too saggy or misshapen, or they aren't quite a match set, and then don't get me started on the nipples either!

Ursula finally has tits .. now she's cool!


  1. Congrats on the 500 posts! There may be many TG capping stars in the sky but none seem to shine as brightly and as consistently as yours Dee. I look forward to the next 500 funny, quirky, thought provoking, conversation inducing posts!

  2. Way to go Dee! I agree with Caitlyn. I look forward to the next 50 as well.



  3. yep bobbies probably a very close second only to money in our crazy world. a fun caption . well done on the 500.

  4. A lovely cap. certainly worth to mark a milestone. Congratulations.

    Capturing the whole human spirit in one word: "Boobies" brilliant.
    I agree with Ian, they a close second to money, but they were here before money, and probably will be here when money becomes obsolete. And even today, a lot of money wouldn't be made without boobies.

    I envy Ursula;)

  5. Love the caption. Is he sure he didn't insult a Gypsy as well ? Seems like she laid a gypsy curse on him as well, " You don't measure up to my daughter's standards ; maybe not yet but very, very soon ! " Has she took him to her gynecologist yet ; I suspect that his ; er her chest isn't the only thing that's being changed ! Going to a B or C-Cup will definitely change his attitude, as he will never, never dress as a boy or man ever again ! Not with his new boobies in the way !

  6. Thanks everyone for their well wishes! I'm just glad that I still have the desire to crank out some new captions and not just rest on my laurels. I really do prefer to keep posting recent stuff and as long as my muse (and time commitments) continues to let me make a few captions a week, I shall continue to post them here.