Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Upward (?) Mobility, One Heeled Step at a Time

Made this one for Sarine Davis, can't you tell? Definitely on a pantyhose leg kick lately!

In case you didn't know, Sarine Davis is also Belladonna on Fictionmania, and she writes really good realistic stories of guys being cross-dressed into femininity and also losing their positions of power to become maids, secretaries, and such. Here is what I wrote when I posted in her Haven Folder:
Found this picture and the 'storyline' came to me right away and I knew immediately it was for you, since I hadn't made a caption for you in a few months.

I wanted to try to boil down a Belladonna story to its essence in a caption format, using a twist I don't think you've used yet. I am sure that everyone can expand the story out past this little slice of your new life, I mean, anyone that has spent more than 5 minutes in a office knows what goes on as soon as the public is gone! Who knows! You might have a full desktop within a week or two if you do your job efficiently .. or perhaps you'll be dumped down to receptionist .. or maid?


I might have taken a bit of shorthand to this, but since I figured that Belladonna stories are fairly popular, readers would figure out the "welcome back" was some sort of week long vacation to get ready to be Sara full-time for a set period of time.
 Think that sums it up pretty nicely. Here is her reply:
Thanks for the cap. I loved it.  You're right that it's a route that I haven't taken with a story yet.  The dialogue was terrific and I really liked the reveal at the end. The pic was certainly a winner too. 

Thanks again,
Always good when I can please someone whose work I admire. I imagine that the day I stop being a fan of good TG fiction and/or TG Captions will be the day I stop making this stuff .. and its good to know that quality work is still being done .. and done well!

Halloween's coming .. can you feel it?


  1. a great caption, I wonder what she well have to do for a computer? I really like captions with loss of status on top of the force fem a very well condensed story,

    1. Have you read much of Belladonna's work on Fictionmania? If you haven't, you would probably enjoy them. She's even wrote one based on a caption I made her! That one made me real proud!

      I'm guessing there is a big task she needs to do to get a computer!

      Typing this down more so people would have to actually be in the posting to see it.

      ATTENTION .. Next person that makes a real comment on a post here in the blog .. and wants to be the star of a "sort of willing" cross-dressing caption I am making, post your comment and at the end, put the male name you wish to go by in quotes.

    2. no I have not checked that out belladonna or the site well have to do so real soon. yes it must be great to have somebody expand on your work.