Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Law of Cognitive Dissonance!

Say What? Say Wow!

This was the caption I was referring to a month or so ago when I said that I had woken up with an idea for a caption, wrote it down in Microsoft Word THEN went online to find a picture that would work with my idea. It was made at the same time that THIS ONE was made for Annabelle..

The odd part is that I never really completed it, and then forgot about it! WHOOPS! You'd think I'd remember something like this one but alas, it wasn't posted to Elise's trading folder until the 5th of October, and is finally making its way to the blog.

This caption is the one that got me back on track and making captions fairly regularly. I am hoping to get some time in the near future to keep it going. I'd love to do this for a living, trust me! Alas, jobs, side jobs, and real life stuff keep me from pumping these out as much as I'd like. So, until I find a way to win the lottery, we are all stuck with a not-so-prodigious output on my part.

I LOVE this photo, and I think it works well within the pre-written story I had dreamed about. I don't think I changed much at all. Something about that purple outfit just jumps out at you.


  1. Hmmm. A sissy in her male life? How sweet and wonderful for Elise...

  2. your caption output seems good to me. a good fun caption I think DR Mentia has been out smarted.

    1. Well, I don't think I'll ever be as prolific as Britney/Steffimarie or Dawn (commentator) but considering I've been doing this for over 6 years now I don't seem to have hit any major roadblocks in terms of inspiration, so I consider myself lucky in that regard. Over the summer though, with med issues and car issues and such, I was only making 1-2 captions per week and that is probably about 2-3 short of what I'd like to do in a perfect situation.

  3. Even before I read the caption, the picture has definitely an Elise feeling. Classy, stockings and lingerie.
    The caption itself is great too.
    Stevie Ray Vaughan is a good way to get the blood pumping. I just have no clue what scuttle buttin' means.
    Between you and Dawn I had a lot of good music today;)

    1. I still haven't heard from Elise yet so I'm not sure if she likes it but yeah, that picture just SCREAMED out for her and I like to think I gave her a good story to match.

      I am not a huge fan of the blues, but I've always loved SRV's playing. Its so technically masterful but with such emotion dripping out. I don't know anyone that can play like he did.

  4. As some one who wishes they could be magically transformed into a
    girl, I think that if I woke up looking like that I would for sure do the same thing.