Monday, September 30, 2013

Didn't Take Her Long to Learn!

Perhaps its just feminine persuasion or something more?

Made this one for a newcomer to the Haven named Samuelrj11, who likes AR type TG captions. Its always a fine line to be walked when crafting those sorts of captions, and luckily Kallie spelled it out in her preferences for all to see, "Dislikes: Bondage, Weird Fetishes, and like I said, NO SEX OR LEWD SITUATIONS IN CAPTIONS WITH 3-17 YEAR OLDS!" which of course goes against Haven policy anyway, but always good to let people know the boundaries.

For me, this caption is very true to life as my own daughter has that LOOK and the voice dripping with every bit of innocent sweetness dripping from it .. trying to get her own way. I have learned to ignore the cuteness and revisit the topic another time lest I write her a check for a bazillion dollars!

When I saw the picture, that scenario is exactly what I had in mind .. those pleading eyes looking at you so hypnotically. I loved the idea that he was picking up subtle (and not so subtle) ways to manipulate men, and specifically her Dad. Perhaps the father was acting a bit too stereotypical and sitcom-ish but I would try to protect my son from horny guys if he had recently be turned into a female ... I don't worry about my daughter cuz she's been shooting them down for years now! I think its something they learn around age 14-15. Teenage boys however don't seem to be able to read signals unless its some sort of foghorn or flashing lights ... and even then, I'm not sure they could follow along the way girls want them to do!

Life seems to be in a bit of a holding pattern recently. There is a chance I might be able to fix the car with the blown tranny (it is currently sitting in my dad's yard) for fairly cheap if I'm able to get it into the local vocational high school's automotive shop. Might just end up being the cost of the parts and waiting for it to be done (which could be a few months.) I don't particularly mind the waiting now, since we have 2 working vehicles (GF's awesome car and my putt-putt) and it gives me time to save up the money for the tranny repair. Of course, it might not be eligible and then I'd have to scrap it, which I don't want to do as its got a bunch of new parts on it!

I will hopefully be posting again either tomorrow or Wednesday. I have a side job upgrading a computer for an older customer that still has dial-up so I have to finish it up at my work .. I don't have a land-line here at the apartment so I have to check on the new dial up modem I purchased for it!

And yes, my daughter had snuck out a few times. She thought she was being stealthy but I knew!

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