Thursday, June 27, 2013

Making Her Love Me! ... and a discussion!

In your own mind .. no one can here you squee!

Whipped up few captions this afternoon, though they aren't all quite done yet. Also continued to work on the post for the fourth of July. Showed it to Lady Victoria yesterday and she suggested the title to it which is very Victoria!

Made this one for Wendy, and I thought it was pretty straight forward. Not too much to talk about except for one thing that is making me not sure I want to post this to her folder.

I usually have no problems including me in captions that I made for others. We often need an "agent of change" and since I'm the sort of "gothy, witchy, domme" kind of gal, it just makes sense to let my inner demons out onto the digital page and set forth to turn lots of men into women! I went into this thinking, "well, she's posed like she's praying, and she's definitely got a look that I would dig ... she's praying that someday she'll be able to be with me in a relationship."

That went well and I wrote it up. Now that I'm looking at it again, I'm sort of in that, "Damn, that seems really egotistical that I am making a caption where she processes her love for me and that her male form wouldn't be caught dead with me!" I didn't set out to do this ... Wendy's preferences mention that she doesn't want to be with men ... so the target of her affection would have to be female and into alternative women. From that standpoint, it makes sense that I am the target of her longing. However, I still think it makes me seem vain to position myself in this manner.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you think? Am I being too egotistical to make myself the focal point of her crush? Or am I overreacting and being overly sensitive? If I get enough positive feedback, I'll post it to her folder on the Haven.


  1. A good caption, and not something you see every day. And I guess it's because of the doubts you express in your post. I think anyone else who would make something like this would have the same.
    By expressing your doubts, you already gave the answer to your question. You're neither vain, nor egotistical beyond anyone else.
    If you didn't at least feel ambivalent about it I might wonder if you were. That said, leads me to the conclusion you're not overreacting nor being to sensitive about it either. It's simply appropriate.

    I would say post it in Wendy's folder, and let her know your doubts about posting it.
    Worst thing that can happen is that she doesn't like it. Would she see it here and you haven't posted it for her, I can imagine it would be awkward as well. But knowing Wendy, my guess is that she would like it, at least I hope.
    Maybe others who know Wendy as well can shed a better light on this.

    Mmm, one of the suggestions I get from YouTube after "Faster Pussycat" is "the Sweet's fox on the run" I hope that's not an omen;)

  2. Fun cap Dee!

    I don't think it's being egotistical at all. You are a known quantity in the capping community. Especially the Haven capping community. When I think of or see a gothy witchy style character my mind immediately goes to you first. If I had seen this photo and not made it directly for you, you still would have been in the story. Doing it any other way would be like having a photo of a sexy femmy Santa Claus and not mentioning Christmas.

    I can see why you'd hesitate.. this isn't someone else bringing up your gothy nature, but I still find it completely appropriate. I'd also do as Helena suggests... mention your concern in the post. I can't imagine anyone thinking it's ego when you mention your hesitation.

  3. Who knows you better than you Dee? Why shouldn't you include yourself in the cap?