Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Something Meant to be Shared!

You would if you were Jezebel, wouldn't you?

Made this one for Jezebel, who has been spreading some cheer around Rachel's Haven for awhile now. I just thought that this caption seems to be her nature, and built it around that character trait. She also likes welding goggles and doesn't mind alternative hairstyles, and wants to be quirky! If you wondered about the metallurgy thing, the model has many piercings so perhaps that is part of how the changes take place? It sounded good at the time, and perhaps having some sort of HEAVY METAL as a catalyst seems like as good a conduit as anything else, right?

This caption was actually made today, as I had mentioned, I had a few saved that were created at the end of last week. I am still working on those, but I refashioned one for Lacysliplover .. I had started making it for her, but then my story got away from me, and verred off into territories that Lacy's preferences didn't match. I found a way to work around that, and I'll probably post it here over the weekend since I did promise to post a caption for Leeanne sometime this week.

We've gained a few followers here over the last week, and that's always a good thing! WELCOME all those that are just filtering into the blog now. As mentioned, the last post was number 400. With 277 followers, I think that is a pretty good ratio, growing organically over time. We are also close to 2k in comments. I am probably most proud of that number out of all the stats we've generated.

As Ian had mentioned, I didn't make a reference to Ray Manzarek passing away. As someone that has played keyboards in a band, I knew of his work in the Doors, but I think people did underrate him. Not only was his swirling organ runs a vital part of the music, he often played the bass line as well. I could choose one of his most famous compositions, Light My Fire, but I really love this song!

And speaking of Heavy Metal, here is a remixed (from 1974) of Touch Me. Love that Bass!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  What is the main reason you come to this blog and most importantly, WHY do you keep coming back? The captions? The discussions ABOUT the captions? The comments and feedback that are offered? Something else? I figured I would ask and hope that people would let me know their reasons for continuing to swing by this somewhat humble blog.


  1. Great cap! Had to read it twice to fully get who was who and who had done, was doing, would be doing what but I like that with short stories.

    Why keep coming back? You often have great caps and matched with intriguing photos. I like to read people's comments on the caps and seeing whether you or anyone else has responded to comments that I've put (if I've put any).


    1. So, along with the captions, you like the interactivity between the community that has built up here? Sounds like a good reason!

  2. Great cap Dee! You've made something again that matches beautifully with a photo that I wouldn't have gotten anything from!

    Since I forgot to mention it in your last post; congrats on the 400 posts!

    I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of The Doors, but like almost every human being I've met, I do enjoy several of their songs. I remember actually not liking 'Light My Fire' until I heard an interview with Ray Manzarek on Fresh Air. Once I heard how much went into that song (Bach, Flamenco Guitar, and Coltrane!) I fell in love it! You can hear part of the interview here and listen to Manzarek tell the story of the song on the piano!

    As to why I come and keep coming back to your blog, I'd have to say it's equal parts your captions and the discussions. I love the fact that your discussions may start with the cap, but often go off into another subject inspired by the caption.

    1. The members of the Doors would have probably been better off if they had never met Jim Morrison, because his persona often overshadowed their musical output. While not a huge fan, I appreciate the craft in which they went about their work, and the non-Morrison contingent were good musicians before they even became the Doors.

      I was a big fan of the British show Connections, the 1994 version for TLC hosted by James Burke, where they would go through a disparate amount of information that lead you from one thing to another, and the interconnectedness of things like longs bows and quaker oats. I don't usually create captions in a vacuum, so I like to discuss things that interest me while making them!

  3. Thanks Dee, there are some artist that touch you in you life you only ever meet them through their music but you love them for it.
    thanks Caitlyn for the interview link also.
    Well I can't say that every caption floats my boat but I do get the impression you take care and pride in your work. And your comments often generate good responses and of course the music links are good to. its what a good blog should be with lots of interaction.

  4. Wonderful caption you made for Jinny. Love it.

    As a lurker, I started visiting your blog, because of the captions, they have a sense of humour that's similar to mine.
    At some point I started reading the rest of the posts, and found that I like the way you think. somewhere down the line I've read your complete blog.
    Obviously I noticed the music you shared with us, and saw that you didn't only wanted to dress up the posts with music, but you have a passion about music.
    And that's why I kept coming back.
    When I started commenting in a regular basis, I came back for the discussion questions as well.

    I regret Ray Manzarek passed away.
    I liked the Doors, since a music's teacher a school played "Light my fire" and told about all the different influences in the song, he did that with other songs as well. I was 13, and because of his passion for music, I started listening to music in a whole new way, hearing a lot more in it. And while I can't keep a tune, his passion for music rubbed of on me. Thank you Caitlyn, without your link I might not have thought about it.