Monday, April 22, 2013

Medallion .. or chest to pin it on?!?

Dee got a case of the sillies.

I "owe" Dawn (aka Commentator) quite a few captions, as she made me a 9 panel caption series. I figure I'll give her a caption here or there to pay her back, and this is my first one. I was looking through pictures on my "Dee" drive and this one came up. It looked interesting and I was like, "what exactly is she looking for?" and for some reason, I thought of the Medallion of Zulo. That thing often gets lost and the person is trapped, so why not? Well, if it was thrown out, how would I be able to stop her from finding it. From there, it just pretty much wrote itself and gave me some giggles .. sort of taking the piss out of the TG trope and using the most obvious way to trap her.

I hope you enjoy! and I hope that Dawn enjoys it as well.

I guess that everyone has heard by now!


  1. Ha, I can totally see Dawn rummaging through the trash, looking for her medallion, and I can't wait to see what her payback will be. We can all be glad she doesn't mind a cap back, and is doing it for the fun of it.

    I'm a little surprised you didn't chose the Trashmen instead of the Ramones with the theme of this caption, but I for one am not complaining.

    Gabba Gabba Hey!

    1. Well, a clip of the Trashmen is in the first clip, which has Peter Griffin singing along. Its why I chose the song in the first place. Usually there is something that tangentially flows between what I've posted and the music that plays along.

    2. 1234! Ah, that explaines my surprise, the first time I tried to play the "Family Guy" clip, I got an error. I didn't try again after enjoying the Ramones, and I did notice the flow between your posts and music.

  2. DAMN IT!!! I just got the mental image of Peter singing "Surfin' Bird" out of my head! Now it's going to be rolling around my unconsciousness for anther few weeks!

    Great cap Dee!