Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Swimming in the Secretarial Pool with Sara!

Its the only way to get rid of office sharks!

Thought I had posted this in here back when I made it for Belladonna (Sarine Davis) a few weeks ago, but I don't see it anywhere so... here it is. Relatively standard caption that was made to let her know I was thinking about her. The pose in the picture gave me the idea for the story and I wrote it out pretty much the way it came to me. Belladonna has made office TG stories and captions high art and I wanted to do my part to make sure she didn't feel like she was being taken for granted. I tend to use trigger phrases when I make hypnosis captions, because its a good short hard for whatever action is taking place .. its obvious that they are under control somehow because they are doing stuff!

On a sad note, my 4runner is dead .. blew the head gasket at lunch time. I am guessing that my BOOOOOOSH through a pile of ice and snow probably caused the tensioner to slip which ... this is a tg caption blog so I don't want to bore you .. "nice truck go boom now!" is the result. Needless to say, I have to figure out what to do since I don't want to replace an engine in an 18 year old vehicle that already needed an axle boot and some body work. However, I don't particularly have money or credit to snag a newer vehicle either. Well, I will figure things out somehow, and I thought my days of people paying me to humiliate them were over LOL

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What vehicle do you picture Dee driving as her main mode of transportation? and trust me, a broom is only good in the fall before it gets really cold!


  1. Being in the hunt to replace my ailing vehicle as well since it was wrecked last year I think I know exactly what you can afford these days"

    A Yugo!

    Seriously, I know you and I have discussed the used car situation post cash for clunkers in 09 before, but I haven't seen price levels normalize out here at least which hasn't helped me. I'd sell you my current one, I know the body is in great shape compared to your options there but even when it's body damage from the hit and run and an AC system on the verge of crapping out it's still worth more than I think you want to pay!

    Anyway, I still push the idea of something economical in this day and age. If you insist on something SUV like then look at the smaller SUVs. Escapes have been great for a decade, CRVs often come all wheel drive, and Rav 4s do ok even if they are a bit on the girlie look side. Just don't know that you need to keep to the same size, so look at the options 1 step down!

    1. Shit is still way too expensive right now in the "polished turd" category that we tend to buy vehicles in. My truck was 18 years old and still had a book value of almost 3k.

      I just put an old Toyota Camry on the road that was supposed to be for my daughter when she got her license as a sort of beater car. Its got 230K miles on it but it'll have to get me around for the next year or so until I can save up some money and spend 2k on something else.

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    1. Sounds great! My father has an old Vette and its quite sexy. With a 4 barrel in it though (and around 440 HP) I think a 1960 Cadillac gets better mileage!

  3. Cute cap Dee! I do enjoy the hypnosis phrase that brings the subject out of it momentarily. Just enough to let them realize what's going on before they go back under.

    Sorry to hear about the 4runner. I remember blowing the head gasket in my old Beretta GTZ several years back (OMG... 14 years ago!) after racing a friend down the highway. Fun times that put that car into an early grave. My current car keeps adding those small annoying problems that aren't enough to kill it, but make me desperately want to replace it. Several rust holes (they were just rust spots a year ago), dents on the fenders, doors and support pillars where a roof fell on it, knocking suspension, driver's seat with one bolt missing (right turns are fine, left turns are now a carnival ride that try to toss me into the passenger seat), AC that blows air hotter than the heater, anti lock brakes that only work on one wheel, 2 speakers that work all the time while the other two take oddly timed breaks every day... but the damn engine and tranny keep running smooth.

    What I've always done when a car dies like that is to get an estimate on fixing it, then seeing what I can buy for the same money. I've always found that I can buy a different car that runs fine for the same amount... but that was years and years ago.

    As for what Dee drives? Well... as Dee is your femme alter ego I just pictured her driving a 4runner. Dementia though... I picture her driving a gothed out hearse:

    And DeeDee? Well... Dementia would make sure she drives something somewhat gothy too:

    1. I'd like to get another Jeep Cherokee, but once they hit the mid 90's they started going downhill in quality. I really enjoyed the 4Runner, though if I could, I'd get one from 1998-2002 or so. The year I had was prone to blown head gaskets from what I've since found out. If I had known that, I'd have check the coolant twice a week to make sure it was sucking up the right amount of fluid (sounds like what we have to do with Leeanne!!) so that it wouldn't overheat (unlike Leeanne who overhearts WHEN she gets enough fluid!)

  4. Sorry to hear about your 4runner.

    I love this cap. Fun concept, very well executed. I really like the picture you used, too.

  5. I like the cap.
    Owww, that must have hurt with your truck. I know the feeling.
    With my luck with cars, I better don't give advice. But I like Caitlins choises.