Monday, February 18, 2013

No Half Mast for you in THAT Outfit!

And everyone will stand tall and salute!

Made this one for a newbie to the haven named Tranzmute. Its another caption based upon compulsions, though it is specifically spelled out in the story. Terry is going to be as girly as possible and anything he owns will be made as feminine as can be, however as you can tell from the title, he is still male, well at least he still has his boy parts.. Transmute likes bold and bright colors, and has asked to be a clown girl in her preferences, so I thought that the photo I had saved awhile back would be vibrant enough to make her happy. I think Katie Mills said it best in her comment:
What a great cap, all the color in the picture looks like it was visited by crayola. Great image and great cap... Grin
We've had quite a few new members joining the Trading Area (I've set up two new folders as I am writing this post!) and its fun to make them captions. Its sad to see some of the old timers not make as many captions as they used to, but I guess in a way, when they do make something, I feel spoiled. I'm always hoping that some of the Petra's and Steffie's and Jessica's are out there, still making captions from time to time ... and will just UNLOAD a whole bunch on us at some point when we least expect it. I know its unlikely, but hey, if we can keep cranking out captions about guys becoming women, I can dream of a bunch of new works from some of the best captioners of the past!

If you belong to Rachel's Haven .. check out captions from Shysteffie, Playing Petra, or just look around the inactive folders of the Trading Area. You'll find more captions there than any 10 TG caption blogs here on blogger. People viewing them are how they'll live on and carry a legacy of those who don't make captions anymore ... a legacy people shouldn't forget!

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  1. You made my day end with a smile. Thank you.