Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dragula! Queen of Darkness! ... Really?

Yup. This actually DID exist .. in 1971! Politically incorrect 1971 to be specific!

You can go HERE to see the entire comic, from an issue of National Lampoon made in 1971. Its incredible (and naughty!) artwork from Frank Frazetta (The cover) and the illustrations from Neal Adams, best known for his work on Batman, The Spectre, and one of his co-creations Ra's al Ghul.

I cannot tell you how sore I am after all the shoveling I did yesterday. I can barely move and I am sort of hoping that work will be cancelled tomorrow but that is probably too much to ask for. I was working on a caption last night that will probably be a blog exclusive since its not really geared towards anyone's preferences, but it does raise some interesting questions as to what a real life switch MIGHT entail, though when it gets finished, it could end like a typical caption. Not quire sure yet, and I don't think I'm in good enough of a mood to finish it off.

Side note to all this is the blog that hosts the Dragula comic has another blog that shows lots of old catalogs, vacation guides, and advertising ephemera. I loved looking at the graphic design choices of the different things he'd posted. This got me looking at old Sears Catalogs online. When I was young, I of course looked at toys/video games in the wish book, but I would often look at other things, and one of my earliest memories of anything TG was looking at the catalogs and wondering what it would be like to be dressed to the nines in the Easter outfits that the young women were wearing. I remember a female cousin about the same age hating her tights and mary janes and I would just sort of sigh in my head.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What was your earliest TG memory? I've had quite a few as a youngster, so perhaps if you share yours below, I will post some more spread out over the next week or two. Were you jealous of slumber parties and makeovers? Curious to what was going on at the beauty parlor instead of the barber shop? Feel free to talk about it below.


  1. First off I know this one isn't my earliest but it is one that stands out in my mind.

    I had a friend who lived up the street from me. She and I were always together. She was such a tom boy. I actually remember being in a Christmas concert when I was maybe 7 or 8 years old. She was right in front of me during the performance. If anyone were to take notice of me out of the other 100 plus children on stage they probably would have seen me staring at her the whole show.

    She always wore jeans and sneakers. To me she was just one of my friends. But that night she was wearing a dress and white tights. I remember actually being jealous of her and what she was wearing. I remember feeling that I would give anything to switch places with her..

    And of course I had countless cousins that were the same way you explained. But for some reason that one particular moment stands out.

    But to be perfectly honest Dee, I still have moment like this all the time. Somethings never change. ;)

    xoxoxo Katie

    1. Well, I'm sure you still do have feelings like that. They don't tend to stop happening just because you want them to stop!

      Hell, every time my daughter has an event like a semi-formal or some such thing. I take pride in knowing that she's a great looking girl and that I would probably have looked just like she does if I was born female.

      I wonder how many other people had experiences like we did?