Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Accidentally pulling his sissy trigger ... phrase!

... or was it much less innocent than we think?

Found this picture a few days ago, and wanted to use it in a hypnosis caption BUT I knew I didn't have time to finish it, so I just threw it into a photoshop setting for me to deal with later. That "later" ended up being tonight, as I wanted to do something creative again after being an office drone over the last few days. I have been wanting to make something for Geoff (aka Sissifyme from Dolly's Sissy Captions) but really hadn't been in the drag queen mindset lately .. and yes I credit her among a few others for my hypnosis/drag affection lately! When I plopped the photo in, I knew that there was a trigger phrase spoken, but hadn't worked out WHAT exactly was said.

This one fell into place because I thought I could definitely work some humiliation into the caption without going over the top in a photo presentation. I hope that I built up some anticipation within the writing as to what might happen, filling in or alluding to some back story information as needed AND yet still delivered the zinger at the end to bring things to a shuddering conclusion. so to speak. I imagine that waking up from a trance to find out that you had a "female orgasm"in front of a crowd of people AND a television audience dressed up like a woman with a boner bulging out your skirt until a stain shows up through your undies MIGHT just be somewhat embarrassing! Your results may vary ... though if this HAS happened to you, I certainly want to hear about it!

I may have a blog exclusive coming soon, depending on how I finish it up. I am not sure that it would necessarily fit anyone's preferences in particular. Perhaps you can be on the look out for it this weekend since I'm not sure if I will be on much, especially Sunday with the Pats in the AFC Championship game and the 49ers in the NFC game. I also need to shop for a new mattress as Mistress Dee deserves to sleep on something soft and comfy, not something poking her in the back and sides as she sleeps!

Also glad to see that Britney Shagwell has resurfaced in her blog, though it sounds like she might not be making an abundance of captions like she used to do. I'm betting most people won't mind a slowdown as long as she makes some occasionally!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Were you expecting a story like this with the photo that I used, or was it something different than the norm? Its always hard for me to tell, since most of the time the photo drives the story to me, and it seemed to scream HYPNOSIS TRIGGER! Did the story match up with the picture enough or did I veer off too much to match some of Geoff's preferences?


  1. What an awesomely embarrassing situation that would be to live through. Combining the love of being a sissy with the humiliation of having it revealed on television when you least expect, all by the utterance of an innocent trigger phrase. I love this one.



    1. Does sound like a squishy scenario doesn't it? LOL

  2. Fun cap Dee! I'll admit though that when I first saw the image I didn't get 'Sissy Orgasm' or any type of pleasurable sensation from the image. I got more of 'Hey you just ate a bowl of vomit' vibe. So as I was reading I was expecting something more on the offending side.

    I think the after thoughts that you write about though do hit well with the story.

    1. I guess it comes down to the fact that the whole "O Face" can and often does look like someone is very uncomfortable or in pain! Not usually our best moments to look into a camera!

  3. Great cap Dee, enjoyed it. And I too am a Smiths fan.