Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thoughts on the Christmas Links Exchange!

Omigod Becky! Look at that girl's butt! Peta's got back!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. It was nice to see that the Link's Exchange went well from what I could see. I know that Kaitlyn got like 3 new followers. I am not sure about everyone else, since they had a decent amount of followers already, but any exposure is good exposure. I dropped into other peoples postings early Christmas to see what had been done, and it all looked great! Maybe we will do it again next year! Perhaps we'll get the word out TWO weeks before Christmas in 2013!

I had a blast for the first time in many years for Christmas, and I'm glad. I have usually been rundown, tired, and/or sick, and though I have a bit of something, it was still a wonderful holiday!

I wanted to mention more blog sites that didn't quite make it into the actual exchange, but I can at least put them in THIS posting for those people that don't read the comment sections (and shame on you if that is true! Its often better than my actual posts!)

The first is Lexie's Library of TG Captions, which is pretty self explanatory if you ask me! She also writes full length stories. She was kind enough to make up a recommendation in her blog so I wanted to return the favor.

The other one is Sugar and Spice which just started about a month ago and already has 100 posts! You can tell she definitely loves pantyhose and legs, so I plan on stopping in often!

There is a third one that didn't pop on here (At least I don't THINK she did, but I'll highlight her as well since its the holidays!) Actually she participated in Alectra's so that is good enough for me! Its another tights/pantyhose TG caption site from Hailey Pixley called A Tights Spot. Its also new since it just started this month.

Can't wait to see more. Its always great to be exposed to blogs and sites you haven't seen before, so when a blog you follow has a dry spell, you don't feel punished!

On that note, I'm kind of sad that Kelly (SP2000) sounds like she is going to stop captioning. I know there are some good reasons, but I will still miss her. I'm hoping she'll still comment on all our captions, but I'll understand if she doesn't. Her comments (and Kyra Hyde's too!) often gave me the oomph when I needed it most.

For those that are going to stop making doing captions. Please don't remove your TG Blog. There have been "poachers" that are claiming the web name after a blog is abandoned and then putting up other peoples captions AND putting bad links that can exploit other people's computers when they visit. It happened to Amy's and it happened to Realfield. You are better off just leaving it as is, with a note that you are no longer undating but people are free to view what was posted.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What did you think about the Christmas Links Exchange in general? What do you think we could do to make it better next year? What was the best and worst thing about it? Did you visit all the links that each person provided?


  1. Well, first of all, as of now I gained 5 more followers and it seems for the time being that my daily views have doubled thanks to the link exchange, so I'm not going to complain.

    Something I did want to mention is the comments. First of all, the comments other bloggers who posted a link for me were just wonderful. Dee spoke of comments from others helping to give her the right push to continue doing what she does, and I think the same could be said for many of us.

    I know I'm a culprit of looking and leaving most times--something that I have my reasons for but will still work on. The fact is that volunteers ANYWHERE doing ANYTHING will only continue if they see the effect they have on others.

    Oh, and I particularly liked Caitlyn's comment about me being the "Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice" of TG Captions. That warmed my heart.

    1. I'm so glad to see that you got some more exposure! Those perky tits just NEED to be seen by more people! Let them out occasionally!

      Are you going to followup your ABC's with some of our favorite numbers from TG Captions? I am sure there are a few good ones out there that you can whip up!

    2. I have plenty to post when I return from vacation, but I made some "on the road" captions to tithe people over anyway :)

      Now, does anyone have a towel? I'm getting cold...

  2. Dee, I really enjoyed the Christmas Link Exchange. I think it was a very fun and easy way to celebrate the holidays that not only let us all shine a light on some oft overlooked blogs, but also say some nice things about others. I know several people's posts has me blushing. About the only thing I can think to make it better is to get the word out earlier. That will hopefully get more people involved.

    I think the best thing about it was taking a few minutes to write out some nice things about other bloggers. Most of the people on my list have been friends for awhile. I've already said that I enjoy their work, but this gave me another opportunity to emphasize it. The worst? I honestly don't believe there was anything bad about it (beyond the late start).

    For pageviews and followers, I didn't really see a bump. I did get a decent amount of pageviews, but not any more than I would get for any non cap post. I did get two new followers, but I also lost two leaving me at the same overall number. But I didn't join up to GET more pageviews and followers. I did this to celebrate Christmas, to say some nice things about some bloggers, and to hopefully shine the light on some other blogs.

    1. I noticed that too. Sometimes there are only so many ways you can say, "Holy Shit Jennifer, that was friggin' hawt" or "You are the Da Vinci of of TG design, Caitlyn" so any chance to praise people that are already established is a good thing.

      As for a bump in views, I stayed about the same as well, but if I remember correctly, I didn't get many views at Christmas last year, so I think "status quo" of a normal day is quite good for a holiday where most people are out of college for the winter break and home with families, etc ...

      I gained five followers while losing two also, for a net gain of three. I think we lost the same two followers, and those were aggregate porn spiders so its not like we lost a real person.

      I looked at this as we away to spread Christmas Cheer and I think it worked pretty well.

  3. I did enjoy this treat with everyone, and its always nice to give exposure to someone that is starting. Like I did. So FTW!

    To make a balance, I gained 3 or 4 more followers, and some increase in the pageviews, which I don't usually pay attention to, so I don't really know...

    And yep, like you said Its always good to appoint others with nice things to say.

    Looking forward for the next year. Maybe more people will join in the fun by then :)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. So you ended up with a few more victims .. I mean followers? Sounds like you need to get some more latex and paint the natives red!

  4. Dear Dee (and really, everyone who participated),

    I loved participating in the Christmas link exchange with all of the wonderful TG Cappers whose work I just love. I was especially touched to be brought in by the group because I can tell how connected you all are, and I am a bit of a different TG'er, being a sissy and all. But I love matching words and thoughts with photos, so we have a bit in common.

    Like Caitlyn, the best part for me was the opportunity to let others know how I feel about their work, and thanking them for being out there sharing their talent. I also feel like I'm getting to know more and more really nice gurls out there, even though we'll probably never meet fac-to-face. Still, we share a relationship based upon our own quirky way of living in the world with our dual facets of sexuality.

    Now, about the bump. I did get one. In fact, it has carried over the past three days and on the second day after it was a huge bump. I also gained 6 followers. Now, I didn't do it for that reason, but it tells me that what we did for and with each other boosted our exposure, and we did want that for each of us. At least I did want to see others receive a bump. So, thanks to everyone for including me and for the bump.

    I agree with CAitlyn - let's promote Dee's idea earlier next year.

    Finally, I love all of you. Happy New Year!

    Kiss kiss,

    Your sissy little sister,


    1. There are some definite sissies out there that make or read TG captions, so I didn't feel it was a stretch to include you. I pop in to Sara's Sissy Confessions from time to time, and I think I was the one to get Caitlyn addicted to that site! According to my labels, I've done 25 sissy captions!

      I know that we did this in the spirit of sisterhood but I really am glad that quite a few sites got a bump that will hopefully translate to more views, followers, and feedback/comments. It feels like such validation to me that I can plant a seed of an idea and it bears fruit for the TG captioning community.

  5. It was a nice thing, but maybe a bit late. No one signed up at my post so I only featured you and Caitlyn. If they have more time it may work better.
    I also actually lost 1 follower :D ... I wonder what that means ...

    1. Well, *I* posted it on December 17, and you didn't post yours until December 23 .. so I would venture the earlier you posted, the more people you could have gotten.

      My thought was that most people tend to read TG blogs within the first 24-48 hours of an update, since stats say for every day you don't post, the page hits diminish by 50-60 percent. I probably didn't take into account those that hit my blog once a week and just read all the posts then. I also didn't take into account the response time that other blogs would need in getting out the word.

      If I had thought of the idea earlier, I probably would've posted earlier, but how much earlier is TOO early? I guess I have 11 months to figure that out!

    2. By the way, most people lost one or two followers. I'm assuming it was one of those porn crawlers that just accumulate site links .. and then probably try to spam them later on. A few probably got caught or reported over the last week.

    3. Thank you so much for the print. ;) I really appreciate it. oved the exchange. Alot of talent there and I love how everyone has their own spin on capping. Look forward to doing this in the future.

  6. Hey Dee! Thanks so much for the shout-out; I really appreciate it, especially since I've been reading your caps for some time now! =D

    As for the discussion, my only comment is that I wish I'd noticed it sooner--I just happened to come across Alectra's post on a whim, but I'll definitely be prepared for next year!