Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Things Are Slightly Off .. Aren't They?

"Just a smidgen off" might be the words to use.

Well, I am hoping to slowly get back into the swing of things. Right now I'm swallowing some huge pills of Amoxicillin for a sinus infection, but I think I might be out of the woods with any other health issues. Its nice to see people still stopping in to look around even though my posting has been sporadic to say the least. I will be focusing first on returning captions to those I owe, from trade returns to fantasy football losses. From there, I'll try to visit many of my friend's blogs so I can sort of catch up on what they've been doing. I can't guarantee that I'll be posting every day (or every other day) but I should certainly be posting more than once a week I think.

I think this is the second to last caption I made before taking this slight sabbatical. I want to be able to write more captions like this .. its juicy and delicious .. even though its REALLY vague. I love working in compulsions, and its semi-obvious that some sort of post-hypnotic triggers are causing things to happen which also works wonders for me. Its also playful in a way that makes me think of "vintage Petra" in the way its presented.

I have been pretty heavily medicated a few times in the last month, so it gave me time to think from Dee Dee's POV which doesn't usually happen very often. A dulled awareness and a bit of vulnerability tends to put me in Dee Dee's frame of mind. Unless I want to become Bukowski or Rimbaud, I think I will keep away from those sorts of things and stick to my basic means of writing.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How do you get yourself into a mindset that isn't your own? As above, I really have to be wasted, overtired, or otherwise baffled to really feel like a submissive bimbo. I can reason it out mentally and craft stories around the ideas, but it doesn't always ring true. For readers, do reading captions bring you mentally to a different place then you usually are? How much can a captioner or story writer immerse you into their situations and plot?


  1. No comments yet? Hmm, I know I've asked this question before, perhaps in a different form, but I know I've asked it. Figured I might get a different view than from before.

    I know that Caitlyn has mentioned that she's learning how to make captions that she doesn't mind, EVEN when she's not feeling like Caitlyn.

  2. I guess since my path to cap creativity has been so disjointed for the past couple months, I didn't feel right commenting to this. But why not share... right?

    For the most part all of my capping endeavors have started with a creative urge. This urge has been with me for a very long time and has absolutely nothing to do with making caps and/or TG/CD/TF/Sissy themes whatsoever. It is simply an urge to create. The first time I noticed this urge was while in photography school. Some days were just blah... I didn't care to touch a camera or load up photoshop. But other days there was a deep seated need to do so. I didn't have a particular photograph that I wanted to make, or a particular manipulation to do in Photoshop... I just needed to be creative.

    For many years that is how I would sate that desire. I would pick up my camera, drive around and find a location with possibilities. Or I would go to the lab (I didn't have Photoshop on my own computer at that time) and load some images into Photoshop and just play. Many times I would end up with something fun, but not particularly good, while other times I would just end up with crap. Only rarely did I actually create something worth sharing. But no matter what I ended up with, I satisfied that need to create.

    After graduating and trying to work as a photographer (in many forms) I turned that creativity purely to Photoshop (it helps that I got Photoshop on my own computer!). When that urge struck, I could go online and get an image, throw it into Photoshop and play. Later I directed that creative energy into helping others. I worked on websites, making avatars for people, and even creating wallpapers (for computers, phones, and later other mobile devices).

    This worked for a long time. But about the time that I got more activly into this community, I found that making captioned images served as an even better way to satisfy my creative urges. Not only was it graphic oriented, but it was also writing oriented... a new way for me to express myself.

    1. Sorry... to long to post in one go....

      I know that's a lot to write just to make a point, but with how I feel recently I felt it would help underline this. Currently I am making caps just to create. It's not about exploring my own fantasies, or paying back cap debt, or even just making something 'hot'.... it's all about scratching an itch. So every time I made a cap in the past few weeks, I've had to get into my 'Caitlyn' mindset.

      Getting into 'Caitlyn' space is hard as it seems to follow it's own random schedule. Sometimes I just flip into her mindset and can cap. Other times I start in her mindset, but come out of it before the cap is done and end up with nothing. And then there are times that I don't feel like her, but have to call her up to make a cap.

      My first stop to get into Caitlyn mode is to drop by my own blog. The familiar colors, layout, design and posts do a descent job. If that doesn't work, I look at any new posts to the blogs that I follow. Sometimes a cap can bring Caitlyn out of hiding, but more often than not it's a sissy posting (both Saragirl's Sissy Confessions, and Leeanne's Sissy Musings work). If these methods fail, my last resort (at least recently) has been reading comments. Comments to my own posts and comments to other people's posts. I think it's the fact that I see people actually enjoying the caps that pushes me over the edge. I normally don't even consider an audience when I cap, but something about wanting to please a potential audience pushes me over the edge.

      Once I'm in Caitlyn's head (or once she's in mine?) I find I can cap using any number of voices. My constant favorite is still the unwilling, forced, blackmailed good guy getting transformed into a sissy gurl. But I can get into the Mistress/Master voice, the willing transformee voice, the slutty cohort voice... and any number of variations. The key is to get Caitlyn geared up first.

      I hope that explains my process and why I have to go to such extremes.

    2. What a great response. Its a shame that no one else has responded at all!

      Perhaps you should take what you've said here and post it to your blog .. I think it might help people figure out where your head has been. I see the comments of "Caitlyn! Its good! Don't be so down on yourself!" and this might explain it a bit better.

    3. I do wish more of the readers would have posted. I'd be really interested to see if reading caps puts them into a different mindset.

      As for posting this to my blog... I just haven't been in the mood to describe myself lately. I normally don't mind it, but my thoughts are getting so scattered that it's hard to put it down. And no matter how much I write, I seem to not get to the core of anything.

      I can't expect everyone (or really any one) to get my dilemma. I'm just appreciative that people care enough to write "Don't be down on yourself". They might not get what my issue is, but they care enough to say something.

  3. Oh well, got here eventually and found your ever so cute caption.

    As for getting into a different mindset to fit a character. I don't try to be too anlytical about it and just try to work in line with the image/images that I am working with. Some take you to something really dirty, others just look obviously dark, while others just make you come up with someting cute or sweet.

    Recently I have often started a capton when I find images that I like, but haven't got much beyond bit of layout and a title. Then one day, maybe weeks later something clicks and it all comes together.

    (Caitlyn, for all the difficulties that beset you sometimes your work still stands out from the crowd)

  4. I don't get into a mindset, at least as far as a "Jennifer" Mindset. Jennifer is me, minus the activity's and fetishes that go with it, and of course the gender. It allows me to open up a side of me that is always there, but unable to express. Captions help with that, as does roleplaying and chatting with friends that know Jennifer.

    When I couldn't chat with people for those couple of months my laptop was being repaired, I was aggravated and depressed that I couldn't be fully open or creative. For years I've wanted a hobby of my own, my brothers could draw and create, but I couldn't come up with anything that expressed my self in a different way. I tried sculpting, I tried drawing, I just tried collecting things. But no matter what, it didn't scratch my urge to create something I could be proud of.

    Captions help with that and when I'm actually in the mood to create or inspired to do so, there is no mindset for me to get into. It just comes out naturally and I let it spill out on the page. Most of my captions are wrote up in one big creative burst, but some of them are planed out. either way, it was just inside me the whole time.

    Some caps do inspire me to write about a subject or create a certain tone for the story, but for the most part I always try to give it my own spin. When ever I create a caption about something I normally don't think about or have any sort of connection with, I try to MAKE it something I would enjoy. Give it my own little flair and see if there's something to this fetish or story, that might appeal to me if I just added this or that to the story.

    One perfect example of this, is the pregnant captions i've made. I don't go looking for pregnant images to cap, or to read other stories or cap's people have made. I don't think about that fetish all that often, but also have nothing against it. it's just not for me. so, when I have to make one like that, I try to make something I WOULD enjoy. I like the challenge of trying to take a fetish I don't have any interest in and giving it something that does. I think those are some of my favorite writing experiences honestly, to make something I don't like, into something enjoyable and with my own flair? That's a really fun creative exercise.

  5. Very Nice ! I LUV the hypnotic captions