Monday, December 31, 2012

The Re-education of Ron .. Happy New Year's Eve!

Always good to learn a new skill or two!

Wasn't sure if I had posted this before, but its a good way to end 2012. A few good things happened this year, but a whole lot more was lackluster to craptastic, so I am looking forward to 2013. I cherish all the friends I've made from here and from the Haven, and look forward to getting to know many more of you this year. December has been an invigorating month for me on this blog.

Only 2 hours or so left to hit the blog hard, as I'd LOVE to end the blog year with 100k views for a month. I've got a few more captions posted to the last post for people to view, so if you saw it earlier today, you might have missed a caption or two!

I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful New Years with friends and/or family. See you next year!


  1. Happy New Year Dee! I look forward to knowing you better in the coming year!

    Kiss kiss,


  2. ¡Feliz año nuevo! Dee I'm so happy to be part of this family <3 thanks for being there when needed and thanks to the whole community for making this possible and thanks to the academy for... Wait that's for another speech *giggle*

    Have a happy new year once again!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra