Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A DARK and Stormy KNIGHT!

Holy Fishnets Batman!

This one is hot and fresh off the presses. I just finished making it about 5 minutes ago and figured I would post while I can remember it clearly.

It was made for XxDarrellxX who is a relative newbie to the Haven. He made me a caption for me and I wanted to return the favor as soon as possible. He likes alt/emo/goth women and mentioned quite a few things in his life, things like he was a Royal Marine, and is a batman freak! When I came across that information, I immediately thought about a few pictures I had saved from almost 10 years ago with an exotic looking "goth" type girl .. so I headed into the D'archives to retrieve it. Situations like this are why I tend to save a metric fuckton of photos, as you NEVER know when you are going to need something to complete a caption!

I don't think I'm totally satisfied with the storyline, but I do like the design. I've done multiple photos in one panel before, and I like the effect of them looking like pictures on a surface. Maybe in the new year I will try to learn some more photoshop tricks, since I've seemed to level off lately. It could also be that working with the CS1 version of Photoshop might be holding me back as well.

DISCUSSION QUESTION:How much of an archive do you have for pictures? Do you save them for later, find pictures as needed for an idea you have, or search sites for photos that inspire you to make a caption right away? I tend to do all 3 at some point, but I lean towards the 1st and 3rd options. For readers, when you look at a caption, can you tell if the picture inspires the story, or vice versa? Does it matter which inspired the other?


  1. Love the cap Dee! But then everyone should expect me to love such beautifully tilted images! I'm not sure how much you are missing out by using PS CS 1. I only use CS 3 myself, and haven't seen any improvements that I feel I want to play with in newer versions. I'm not sure what the main difference is in CS 1 and above.

    on to your question. I don't keep much of an archive. I just double checked, and I currently have eight images down there. Most of them have a basic story line to go with, but I haven't gotten around to making them into a cap. And half of those I've had for going on a year now.

    I most often use a variation on method 3... I search fuskator for images that inspire me to cap. Only when I want to avoid an overtly sexy image do I go back to my old standby of Google Images.

  2. Is it bad that Christian Bale's Batman voice narrated the caption in my head? :P

    As for discussion - Guilty as charged. I think I'm actually better at finding good pics to caption, but many of them get lost in a folder I can never find. To solve the issue, I usually go through my folders, re-organize, and then put up a bunch of them for caption offers. And then I decide to find new pics for caption offers... I a picture hoarder!

    1. If he narrated the caption, how did you understand it?

      "Mmmrrrghh, grvvlrr, hrrwerrvth Batman."

    2. Oh, I am very gifted. You should see my compendium of zombie jabber... Uuuunngghh means "Food" and Arrgghh actually translates as "Lollipop"

    3. Now I'm reminded of AL Bundy when he asked for a roll at dinner.. "Uhh numuhm!"

  3. Wow.. I wonder if it's a bad thing that i knew exactly where that batman doll was from. It was the big 30 inch batman begins figure they had, when the movie first came out. lol..

    I thought the story was enjoyable, I liked the funny zinger at the end.

    As far as the question goes.. Well, I have about 10'000 images saved.. so I am definitely guilty of number one. I just never know when I might need a picture of a sexy clown or unique piercings for my story.

    But, more often then not I need to go searching for the pictures on a tumblr page. I have a lot I could look through, but I find that inspiration hits me more often when I first lay eye's on the image.

    Some of them I can see how they can come in handy, or I might have an idea for them, but if it doesn't inspire me in such a way where I'll pop into comic life right away, then it will just sit in my archive for a while.

    1. I probably fall into that category as well. Though I have some many pictures, I tend to every 4 months or so, just hop into a directory and see if anything resembling a spark can happen. Often I'll get 2 or 3 things that are definitely workable.