Friday, November 30, 2012

Wedding at the Beach? Its EVIL!

A REALLY old set I made for Alexia in 2008.

I guess I had a bit more of an attention span back then where I could stretch things out over 7 panels. I made 2 followup series, the 2nd with 10 panels and the 3rd with 6. I can't ever imagine making a story play out in 23 panels, no matter how little text was in each one.

I'll try to post the 2nd series on Monday or Tuesday. These things are all "Rudimentary Dementia" so don't expect anything more than me working my way through the process of finding my voice. Figured people might want to see how I've evolved over the past 4+ years.


  1. Nice cap Dee! It's funny... I can hear some of your voice in this, but it's almost more of an echo. Your story telling style has evolved so much since back then, and while I don't dislike this cap, I have to say that the changes have been all for the better!

    Thanks for sharing some early Dee with us!

    1. I was quite deliberate in how I wrote them, especially since they were written for others. According to my quick accounting, this was about caption trade number 18 (maybe 40 panels) of what has become at least 1650 or so panels to date.

      Becoming a writing coach really helped me hone my skills, along with chatting with others like Bren and Simone. Talking about different approaches made me focus in on what *I* wanted to do better.

      Its a main reason why I made this blog, so people could have a place to chat about the stuff we don't usually chat about when we post the captions in people's folders.

  2. Not a bad caption for a long, long, long old one compared to your new style. I think I saw it before, I'm not sure - my latex senses are not working right now -

    What I can say from this is that, I'm glad everyone starts from somewhere else and there is always room for improvement and it shows. I will always prefer a line of work that tends to get better and better, rather than one that shines one day and the next it won't shine as the day before and so on. :)

    And finally I'm starting to see that It's not about a long series - Most likes to fuel the story, I'll give you that - but also a nice short cap can do the job. It's a crafty when you finally find the balance between story and the extension of it.

    I think it would be nice if you label something like Caitlyn said: "The early Dees" for other to compare the beginning and the present of your captioning skills. It would help others that want to caption too!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

    1. I will see what I can do about tagging the older works, but I still have a few months worth of postings that still have NO tags whatsoever.

      I'll try to get on that!

  3. I remember this so well. I know what it was about all of us back then with early captions for others. We tried to put all the desires we had expressed into the stories. You transformed me and added every fetish I had listed. It still turns me on so much, but I think we learn over time how to weave a subtle seduction in our stories.

    *kisses you on the cheek*