Saturday, October 20, 2012

The hostage situation .. resolved!

Sometimes IT DOESN'T PAY to be gallant!

Hard to believe that I made this caption over four years ago for Emily K, one of the many people that used to be productive members of the Haven. I just checked, and the account hasn't logged in since  January of 2009. I hate to think that at least half of my captions are languishing within trading folders that have been inactive for years now. I guess I should post more of them here, interspersed with newer ones that I've just created. They lack a bit in style, but the "Dee plotlines" are fully evident, even if they are much more fleshed out than my current work.

The picture called into play a boy dressing up like a girl, even though its a female .. well as far as I know its a female. I am not sure if I colored the hair red to make it look more like a wig or if that is the way I found it .. many of my early captions no longer have the original photoshop file so I can't check or even fix a spelling error or two. From there, the idea formed almost fully, working on how much devotion the boyfriend had for the love of his life. I definitely love the whole plot and story.

I am so glad people like Smitty keep putting out captions. I'm also glad that Jennifer is back to posting almost every day. I am missing some of the other headline captioners like Caitlyn, Simone, and Britney. I notice that when they are active, I get more visitors. It sucks that with Halloween around the corner, they aren't cranking out some vivid captions reminding me why this is my favorite time of the year. I can get a bit of my fix at the last time ever, Halloween Caption Contest at the Haven, but since I'm the admin overseeing it, I don't feel its right for me to comment, lest someone thinks that I would be influencing the outcome or throwing support to one particular person.

I just might wander off into those abandoned trading folders of the Haven, and see what treasures I may have missed the first time .. like Lara Croft, finding hidden relics to enjoy once again!

I so wanted to be her when I was younger .. well, when I wasn't wanting to be Cyndi Lauper!


  1. You should definitely post your older caps here. It's been fun for me to go back and post some of my older works and see how far I've come.

    It's also nice to see how my own caption "voice" or style, evolved. Some readers might not enjoy it, But there's always a few out there that will get a kick out of them no matter what.

    And it is a shame that some blogs have slowed down or stopped for the time being. This being the Magical Halloween season and all. Still, I've been enjoying my little celebration so far. ^_^ Seems like I might actually make it all 31 days this year!

    *knocks on wood*

    Yes, that wood.

    1. I noticed, and I KNOW that Halloween is your favorite. You should give Halloween III a watch. I think its a great movie .. it was just saddled with the Halloween name when it didn't have Michael Myers in it. If it was just called "Season of the Witch" or something, it'd probably be held more in regard with horror fans.

  2. love your captions old and new

  3. I really like this sort of plotline, don't know why. Mind you, I like to stop, in my head, at the part where the girl actually isn't in danger. I recognise that this makes it even more unrealistic and more like a scene than a story, but I'm an odd beast.

    Also, I must apologise, I've had a response to your post about accents (what, a month ago?) rolling in my head for AAAGES but I have failed to actually post it. I may get round to it tonight.

    Still enjoying your work, just on a tighter timeframe than I'm used to!

    1. Nice to know that you prefer the guy to be altruistic and ending up a "princess in shining armor" or "armour" depending on how British you are LOL I was definitely trying to sell that plot line so that dropping the bomb that she set him up would make for a big shocker.

      Take your time and comment whenever you wish. Glad to see you had some time to surf and view captions. Hopefully you'll have more spare time for enjoyment soon!