Monday, October 22, 2012

An antidote to boredom .. a caption challenge UPDATED!

Red and Blue makes .. Purple!

I had this little play on words that I wanted to work with, and so it took me a bit of time to find a photo that would work. I know the plot seems to be more magical than chemical, but I figured that when you turn into something, the mental capacity will change with it, even if its over time. In this way, a woman turned into a little girl would tend to call the adult woman in the house Mommy, or at least Auntie .. and the same holds true in the other direction.

Once again, I define someone as a bimbo if they are an airhead and like sex. They aren't necessarily true sluts, but they do have a sexual side along with being much more innocent. In that way, they are so much fun to write, and if I had the space, I'm sure I'd have had the former hubby spout off a few more doozies to make everyone chuckle somewhere deep down inside.

In other news, there is still one more slot in the pregnancy re-caption offer in the last blog post. Check it out if you are interested. We already have Kyra and Jeannie added.

And here is a caption challenge, because someone mentioned doing it in my preference section. I don't have an awesome prize, but I would love to see what other people come up with.

I made the shell of the caption about a week ago, knowing that I'd be making it for Sammie. This afternoon, I finished off the idea I had back then and was about to post it when I thought, "This picture could be used in a number of different ways. Lets see what everyone else could do with it?"

You can either take the picture and put it into your own caption, and post it to your blog. If you don't have the graphic skills to do that, how about writing it in the comment section below? Maybe if its not too long, I'll throw it into the original shell I had. I'll post my original to Sammie in a few days to give people a chance to work on theirs. If you post one to your blog, please place a link in the comments section. Unless the creator says otherwise, I will post them below in this blog post, so anyone looking for some exposure for their TG blog, this could help you I would think!


Here is the first one, from Jennifer (Click here for her website!)

I think she did a great job on this. Short but exactly the length it needed to be. If she left out any of the preparations, and it would like like she rushed, and any more and people might have thought the listing of what she did was tedious. Perfect set up for the conclusion, though i wonder if she did that on purpose! Either way, I like it a lot, and went in a different vein than the one I did with it, so I'm glad to see this picture has legs .. and boobs and nails and makeup!

I will post more here as I get them!


  1. I do love dotes, and I'm sure the new Mommy will have many men doting on her. I wonder if her little Sweetie will be able to cook up an antidote before her mind slips to only little girl thoughts.

    That is quite a picture you found. I have a vague sense for a cap, and I hope I have a chance to write it up this week.

    1. Take your time. I plan on posting her caption this weekend, but I probably won't post it here until the start of next week.

    2. Could I take someone else's time, mines stretched pretty thin :p

      Can't believe I forgot to say I'm sorry to hear you have more kidney stones! I hope you feel better!

  2. Saw the picture yesterday and the idea came to me in an instant. It's short, but It was a fun one to write up. ^_^

    1. already posted in here, and commented in your blog.

      I am probably going to repost this when I post mine as well. Hopefully many people will want to whip something up. I enjoy finding pictures and creative things to get people's juices flowing, and if there is enough interest, I'll do this again.