Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Southern State of Mind

Jill .. the true mouth of the south!

The caption is from quite a few years ago, and is one of the first captions I've made for Jillisa (actually the 2nd one I made for her.) She is a stickler for grammar, so I enjoy making her speak with accents or saddling her with a ditzy brain that can't count to 21 unless there is a cock dangling in front of her face. This one is no exception, and its always fun to write dialects. The semi-opaque text box was something I did at the time when I was trying to be fancy. It was a good design scheme for me back then, but I much prefer my current layouts so much more than this one.


Well, I won the first game in the Haven Fantasy Football league. I won by 16 points or so. Some of the other girls have REALLY good teams, and I hope I can keep up this winning streak. Next week I have to battle Bren, who is a HUGE Cowboys fan and HATES the Patriots, though that didn't stop her from picking Wes Welker.

I have the new computer built, and will be using it soon. I first have to stress test it, then install a whole bunch of programs onto it, and then yank the data drive from the current computer and install it into my custom build. I still need to snag a SSD at some point AND get a Bluray drive, but other than that .. I am in love with the current specs (i5-3570k quad core overclocked to 4.1 per core, 16 gig of RAM, 1 gig EVGA GTX 550TI card with an overclock that I will SLI at some point, USB 3.0 ports, illuminated keyboard, etc) I will never want to leave the house once this becomes my one and only official computer.

Because of this, I probably won't be creating new captions for the next week or two, other than a special one for a friend whose birthday is coming up in a few days. I do need to get cracking on that one! I do plan on posting some older captions though. The webpage is finally starting to get more hits again after what seems like 10 days of no interest. I'd like to keep the momentum going!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If you were in the similar situation to Jill above, would you prefer that your girlfriend remain the same, or would you rather have her become a man for the night?


  1. Awesome cap, Dee! Nice work on writing out the accent too.

  2. Nice work on the accent.... I can almost feel Jilissa cringe :)



  3. The accent is perfect, just like something out of streetcar named desire!

    1. That WAS one of my reference points, I do declare!

      I believe that "the vapors" comes from Bugs Bunny cartoons.

  4. Dee, I love writing in dialects. It makes the caption fun for me. And throwing in words like "sugar" is icing on the cake :P

    That's a tough call for discussion. I've always considered that if I were in a situation like Jill, I would be bi-curious. I would probably go either way, and for that reason, Rachel would call me a slut. But if forced to choose for one night, I'd start off with her as the same, though there is something sexy about my girlfriend overpowering me as a man for the night.

    1. That is one of the issues, isn't it, of making sure you aren't laying on the accent TOO MUCH? One example is I could've made "Sugar" become "Sugah" because many southern females have used that sort of inflection, especially when they are emphasizing their southernness, if you catch my drift.

      I know its a tough call, which is why I asked the question!

  5. That there cap is sweet as a piece of grandma's own raccoon pie!

    Although I have to admit that whenever I see an accent like that I think if Paula Deen... not exactly sexy.

    As to whom I'd like to spend the night with, I'm firmly straddling that fence like Kaitlyn. If I HAD to choose a side, I'd think that I'd want to explore the changes in my body alone, instead of exploring both my changes and my girlfriend's male transformation at the same time. That's if it were to happen to me. Now in a story? Well hell, get that girl into some boxer's and have 'him' go to town on his new little sugar pie!

    1. Yikes on the Paula Deen .. though I am sure she was probably a hottie back when she was young .. and probably smearing her boyfriends with butter!

      And your answer would be to have a 3 day weekend, where you get the female body on Friday night, then Saturday would be you and the GF having lots of lesbian fun, then on Sunday, she becomes a guy and ravishes you? I'd think that THAT way would get you a little bit of everything!