Tuesday, August 7, 2012

You REALLY need to talk to Dee!

He really needs to be more awake after a bender!

Wow! Its been a week apparently since I last posted a caption, but its been a mixture of busyness, drunkenness, and sickness .. oh yeah, nasty heat and humidity as well. Still, I ended up with a few more people following the blog! Always glad when there's fresh meat!

The caption above was made for a new trading partner, Debbie Darling, who prefers blondes and doesn't mind humiliation or public embarrassment. With those guidelines, I knew I could work within the boundaries and since she liked revenge and no major mental changes, I figured this was right up my alley.

The picture was definitely some sort of hangover picture, and she looked out of sorts and clueless, just like your typical frat guy chillaxing with the bros after a hard night of partying. The nipples really made the picture but it'd have been fine without them so SPROING! like a cherries on the banana split. As uaual, I put myself as the transformational device .. I like co-starring so PFFT!

Who hasn't had a party night where you felt like that the next day? Did you remember most of what happened the night before, and would it even shock you if you did end up with tits?

I think this song will DEFINITELY motivate you to caption .. or ummm, increase your mammory capacity to maximum capacity!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: As to the overall success of this caption, what do you think the ratio of photo to story makes it work? I think its probably 75 percent picture and 25 percent story. I think the story frames the photo well, but I think any story you could craft around this photo would be at least 75 percent successful.


  1. Hell, that would be the best hangover I've ever had, though it would annoy me that I couldn't remember how it had happened as I'd want to try and share the good fortune with some good friends of mine.

    I think you did a great job matching story to image, that's a great pic. The proportions look about right to me, I'm never as scientific as a percentage kinda person... I just go by gut instinct!

    1. I tend to let the photo guide my story. Oftentimes, I could use a different picture with whatever plot I had come up with, but for THIS ONE, I can't imagine finding a better one to match the story.

  2. For what my opinion is worth, (not a whole lot), I agree with Dee's assessment... It's an easy pic to cap. Of course you have to be ABLE to craft a half-ass coherent story, or it's just an "omg he has tits" cap ;D



  3. I agree that this is an image that will make a good cap regardless of the story. That being said, you're story matched it particularly well and will ensure its longevity. A lot of other stories that could have been written would have meant a quick 'HA!' reaction, and then it would be forgotten.

    If I were to put a percentage on it, I'd say that the pic is actually closer to 90% of it's success. But the 10% from the story is the difference between a quick read and moving on, and reading enjoying and returning to the cap over and over.

  4. Not particularly the appropriate "spot" for this, but I do "need to talk to Dee"....

    Caption posted for you on my Blog: