Monday, April 30, 2012

Why Are Superheroes So Shiny?

With Avengers coming out soon, I figured I'd ask that simple question ... Why Are Superheroes so shiny, and usually wear skimpy outfits? I am sure that most people don't mind, but does it give them a tactical advantage? Less drag with flying through the air or racing through time itself? Are they all kinky little bastards that enjoy S&M or at least have a contrained fetish? If I ever come across a superhero, I'll be sure to ask them what is their deal!

I wanted to throw up another quick little post, since life is busy and aggravating the last week or so. Also, Alectra keeps saying there are lots of latex fans out there, figured I'd give them a little shout out! Made this one a few years ago, and I don't THINK I've posted it here before, but maybe I have. Got too many posts to go through to check up on it at this point. Just did a quick look and I think I'm ok!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  I know the "What superpower would you want to have?" is played out, so here is a different topic. Which superhero would you want as a significant other? What would the benefits and what would be the challenges involved with having one as your love interest?


  1. Well, in ironman's case he's very shiny, but hardly scantily clad. As for most heroes, i think it was a way for them to show off their physique. Certainly some of their costumes have special qualities, superman and the flash need outfits that can handle super speed. Batman has had an array of armors built into his suit.

    Female heroes however tend to be far less covered. From a business stand point, theres the obvious "sex sells" excuse. Just looking at the characters and story though, you'd have to think some of these heroine have an exhibition fetish or something. While I have to admit that I do find latex increasingly sexy, I've never tried it on myself. Still, I can't imagine its the most comfortable material to fight crime in.

    As per your question, I see two major scenarios in which you are dating a super hero(ine). The first is that you are unaware of their heroic persona, and the second is that you're fully clued in.

    To be blunt, the first scenario sucks. They're always cancelling plans. Getting in touch with them is a nightmare. And they never seem to e around when that sexy super saves your life.

    The second scenario can be better or worse, depending on your personality. Personally I would prefer being trusted enough that my super significant other is honest about their escapades. I don't know a terrible amount about each heroes personality to know who id most like to be with as a person, but power wise I would want someone like Tiny Stark or Zatanna. Basically someone who'd be able to give me the powers to help them in their fight against evil

  2. Wonder Woman... a woman who will tie you up and force you to tell the truth! Who could resist? Who would want to?

  3. I think if I were going to have a super girlfriend I would want Mystique. She could be anyone that I want. It's like having dozens upon dozens of girlfriends! Throw in the TG fantasy, and she could even be any MAN I want!


  4. Because Alectra likes them that way :)

    First thing that came to mind was this movie: My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Now once we forget that horrible movie... lets get into business.

    Here's more eye candy brought by you from your lovely Alectra. Shiny galore if I may say too :D

    I think that there are numerous comics in the What If Universe relating to several heroes living the life of the opposite gender. Not exactly the case of Thor in here:

    Because this another timeline, but hey :P

    There is also from the same related universe this:

    In that comic Loki returns in a female form after battling in the Ragnarok plot. Thor vol. 3, #5 (Jan. 2008) (and I have to read those, but I already now a fair share of this universes)

    There is also the case of a She - Venom but... Long tongue with enhanced homicidal tendencies... you don't want that. Won't you? >_>

    Not every woman is depicted as a hot "cocoa" btw

    If I would have to live with a super girlfriend. I think it would be tiresome... like in that horrible movie aforementioned. But it could derivate to an interesting relationship... just as long Hulka or She - Hulk is not your girlfriend :P

    From a wise perspective we would need the non - strong - kill you material. So Sue Richards (Invisible Woman) or The Black Widow... never ever cheat on her! The Wasp works well too or Kitty Pryde. Batgirl works well too... and Elektra (yeah introduce your pun!)

    Choose your poison!

    Ouh and I've seen Avengers already heh heh heh it got aired here after being aired on Britain. Lucky us! ;P

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. Eye draw would be my guess, It distracts your opponent for perhaps the golden first few seconds.

  6. Being married to Wonder Woman / Diana Prince would be awesome. I'd keep asking her to stop mid-spin and at different degrees in her clothes-changing spin. = ) I have to admit that the magic lasso would be a bit intimidating and potentially embarrassing.