Friday, April 13, 2012

Kill - Fuck - Marry .. and Haven Quarterly Contest!

Well, no one commented on my last post, where I asked for people's suggestions on a contest to give out a few freebie copies of the Haven's Quarterly magazine .. but it gave me a wonderful idea for the contest that hopefully people will try to do.

There are a number of blog posts on here that have no comments. Some aren't a big deal, specifically mentioning that the Haven Quarterly is now available, or my first introduction post. However, there are some that I would have hoped would be cool enough to have someone comment on them, but they haven't gotten much in the way of love and affection.

I have tagged those postings "zero post" and you'll be able to click on the tag at the bottom of THIS post to see which ones are available. The contest is really easy. Find a caption post from the tag, and make a meaningful comment about it. You can talk about something in the discussion question or on the caption itself. As long as you focus on something to do with the post, that should be fine.

Once someone has commented, it is no longer a "Zero post" anymore, now is it? I think there are 6 or 7 posts with that designation so there should be enough to go around! I certainly wouldn't mind more than one comment per posting, but only the FIRST POST of each is eligible to win. If there are more than 3 people to qualify, I'll pick the best 3 to receive the award. You'll HAVE to be a member of Rachel's Haven to win, but its free to join so get to it!

A few people mentioned that they did not see their comments right away after posting. I believe Blogger has it set up that if you haven't posted to my blog before .. they withhold it from display until I approve it .. this is mostly so that I don't get spam messages in the blog. I have had a few people submit spam links and such in the comment section. Once you hit submit, the next time I pop on, I'll approve the post!

I might run this contest again at some point, with varying prizes.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I made this caption as a 80's campy action type flick, and I can picture Damien and Tom being played by Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rutger Hauer, and the DeeDee and Kara roles filled by Cybil Danning and Bridgette Nielson. Have you ever played this game, and who would you have starring in a movie version of this caption, both male and female? You can set it in any movie genre and time.


  1. I'm surprised some of those posts went without comment. I'm REALLY surprised that I didn't comment to a few of them. Just glancing through them, I can imagine writing quite a few replies. But as you are running this as a contest for the Haven Quarterly (that I already own myself), and the fact that I feel like I've been writing all day already, I'll hold off.

    BUT this (all right... too much text for this small box... moving to Word)... discussion topic piques my interest. I don't often picture TG story lines in movies, but its easy to do so. Now whenever I pictured myself in a movie role, I've always put myself as the 'funny and irreverent side kick. Picture Tom Arnold in True Lies. As a female, I would picture myself as Ellen DeGeneres. And thinking of that, Tom Arnold would probably portray me pretty well (I know, I know... destroying the mystique of Caitlyn... yes, yes, I'm really a sexy curvy blow job loving woman... happier?).

    I don't know why, but I don't often picture myself in action or fantasy movies. But comedies? Yea, I picture myself in those all the time. While I'd love being Milton Waddams in Office space, I'd more than likely picture myself as Michael Bolton. Female version portrayed by Tina Fey. I can picture myself as Stu in the Hangover, with a female version played by Mila Kunis (HA! Beat you to it Jennifer!)

    In more general 'funny' sidekick role, I think Tom Arnold/Ellen DeGeneres would be the way I'd picture myself in the movies.

  2. It's always strange how the captions you think people are gonna love often get no comments or very few. I've given up trying to anticipate what people will comment on or not comment on, but interestingly when you look at which your most viewed posts are, sometimes it will be on something with very few comments. So people obviously like it, they just haven't commented.

    I think most blogs have a vocal minority who regularly contribute and then lots of lurkers/watchers who visit but leave no trace. I suppose some people are either too shy, or not sure what to say or just interested in reading the caption and bugging out. I do think people do need to understand how important it is though that blogs get feedback. If people don't comment, those of us who write captions tend to get a bit angst filled and worried about our work, often to the detriment. After all, there's nothing worse than spending three hours writing an awesome caption series, only to get no response.

    I must admit, I don't always get around to commenting on other peoples captions as much as I probably should (especially after whining so much on my own blog for comments) but in fairness, it's because I often get self absorbed in writing captions, or more commonly suffer from entire weeks of writers blog and self loathing where I won't do any TG stuff at all. During such times I tend to miss good captions.

    Oh and great caption Dee!

  3. I think... that maybe I just comment too much on blogs, and then I have no time to write a caption or perhaps just me being lazy. But I do find that commenting can be quite engrossing for us captioners and we do lost focus on getting more work done. And look at me losing time to make yet another caption :D

    And yep I want to write about what I really like, then sometimes the perfect caption for me gets no "visual" comments, but do gets comments via mail or whatever...

    I've never ever heard of that game, nor I think I can picture myself in movies following that premise. But I can picture myself in comedies, because I love them as well as Sci-Fi movies (Just watched Battleship btw)

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. I noticed that most active members at the Haven already have all the issues of the Ezine and I guess that's why my contest award wasn't tempting enough to participate anymore. That could also be a discussion topic; what reward would make a contest more interesting?

    I often pictured Henri inside the movies I've been watching. Many times as the helpless female character, but also sometimes I pictured Henri as the hero who is rescuing that woman. I remember that Caroline Munro was one of my first crushes. Also Erin Gray as Wilma Deering or Victoria Principal as Pamela Ewing stimulated my imagination. Now I more like to picture myself as a stronger female character like Mila Jovovich in the Resident Evil movies or Kate Beckinsale in the Underworld movies.

    1. Well, a few people have commented on these zero posts, and I plan on running this throughout the weekend. I hope a few more people comment. The ones left so far were very good comments. Maybe we can get them more involved!

  5. Shame on me for not doing more "reading" of the caps and looking for the quick fix of a hot caption (one that might make me think or make me lose my mind - or BOTH)

    I lament not having more comments on mine, but now that I have come to Haven daily I are more prone to speak there, on my own blog, and others. I don't know how to make it more interactive Dee, other than getting a core group of visitors who you also visit and thus, online friendships relationships start. Right now, in terms of online "daughters/sisters" that I consider my core audience, there's 4 or 5, with another 7-8 that are people I enjoying seeing and them seeing me. I think y'all know who you are ;)

    I'm gonna set a goal - by summertime, I want to see up to 10 regular commenters on AFT, and I want to be a "reg" on as many of 20 different blogs. That includes "reading" as much as "viewing". So please hold me to my commitments!

    1. Well, my main thing is that I usually set up the post where my caption hopefully highlights something I want to discuss .. like in Lebowski how the rug ties the room together .. the caption shines the focus onto whatever topic comes to mind.

      98 percent of them come from the Haven, so its not a big deal if they aren't focused on here, because they've gone through their paces and earned views there. My goal here is never to take away from what I do at the Haven, but to enhance and give background on what I do and how I do it. Not everyone there really WANTS to know the "behind the scenes". Even more, I don't necessarily want to show HOW I make them, but the WHY of how I make them.

      Comments tend to come and go in waves. I noticed that quite a few of the zero posts all tend to be clumped together. Could've have just been a slow week, and once new posts come in, the "back stock" tend to hardly ever get comments.