Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Scariest Show on Television!

Made this caption for no one in particular, so its a blog exclusive! Its not QUITE a body swap, officially, but more like a gender and social standing swap.

This was made a few weeks ago: the last time I really sat down with the purpose of making captions. I saw the picture (I think on the main screen of Yahoo) and thought it was a good photo for some sort of swap. I mean, the guy is holding a remote control, we can't see what is ON the screen BUT their reactions are somewhat extreme and a bit over-the-top. It really needed to be captioned by someone in my opinion! Might as well have been me right?

From there, it just needed to be fleshed out. Am I completely happy about it? Not really. I probably left some plot points out, and since it was towards the beginning of my medical crap, I definitely kept it PG rated.  Why haven't I kept it in the archives and reworked it later on down the line? To be honest, once I figured out it wasn't going to be for someone else, I kind of lost the burning interest in seeing it come alive. Looking at it now, the caption seems like me sleepwalking through the whole creative process, and going through the motions. Sometimes that is good enough, but not this time, I must humbly say.

Health wise, I am doing much better, and I have a followup on Thursday that should give me a much better idea of how things are going to proceed henceforth. I am not jumping in full throttle back into the TG game quite yet, but I hope to ramp up my involvement very soon. Perhaps I'll fire up my programs soon and see if I can muster up some compelling captions in the next week or so!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would YOU have handled the picture in the caption above? I'm really interested in what sort of story/plot YOU would have made to go along with the photo.


  1. My initial reaction wouldn't have been both of them transformed but just the girl. So... say they were buddies? They pissed off the wrong person (witch, wizard, gypsy, tax accountant, genie....) and then one of them gets transformed. On the TV they are watching his transformation.

    Or Maybe a guy get kidnapped... a week later this girl walks up to his friend and hands him a DVD, saying she has no memory of her life. They put it in and watch his transformation into the girl. Leave the why out of it. Thats the first thing that comes to mind.

    I do like your version, but I don't know if I was having a blonde moment or not, but it took me reading your description to figure out the guy was once a girl. And no.. the text didn't make sense, but I didn't put 1 and 1 together. Other than that I did like the design!

  2. @ Caitlyn

    Well, when I saw the picture, I immediately thought of some sort of body swap. From there, I came up with the "eliminating the competition" idea of Homecoming Queen.

    I think it makes a bit more sense if you read it like a number 7, from the top left to top right, then down on the bottom. I was hoping that the design of the text, the color and edge colors are swapped for the pair (based off the shirt he's wearing) would help convey that they are now in a different body.

    I like your idea a lot. It probably works better than mine, though I'm not sure there is enough room to get everything across fully text wise. Hmmm, maybe if we flipped the picture so that she is speaking first, then his reaction, and lastly we hear the narration over the television of what is going on?

  3. I did notice the colors, but it wasn't immediately obvious that it matched his shirt as the whole picture has that blue hue. And I don't think I quite caught on to the body swap as I generally don't go for the body swap caps. They're fine, but its just not what my mind goes to. And I can't take credit for the idea I gave... I realized after posting that my idea really was spawned from a cap that Petra made me. It wasn't a kidnapping, but it was a guy watching himself as a woman the night before. But it did take a lot of text to get the idea across, so it wouldn't be as tight as your cap.