Saturday, February 4, 2012

Formspring Questions

This one is from Alektra:
I know that we can make funny or silly caps. And since we all have our sense of humour... how do you think it would be possible to introduce actual jokes without breaking a plot or the story of the cap?
I am not really sure what you are referring to in your question. I mean, many of my complete captions are actual jokes, well perhaps more of a comedy routine as done by a stand-up comedian, but funny. Jokes tend to be more pun-based, or rely on things like "Why did the moron throw the clock out the window? He wanted to see time fly!" I think the one good running joke for TG captions would be blonde jokes.

Jokes and pranks, in and of themselves, are also a pretty good plotline for TG captions, as evidenced up above. I've used them in a few captions over the years, and they are always fun, since its usually a "taste of their own medicine" justice served hot and steaming.


In regards to the actual question, are you looking to make a caption that is serious in tone, then introduce something "funny" then go back to the serious tone? I'm sure it could be done, but I think that captions tend to work best when you stay on a path, and follow through from the set-up to the pay off. Otherwise, you are taking attention away from the true point of its creation.

I guess that one way you could do that is to have a couple getting ready to be introduced as "man and wife" for the first time at their wedding reception, then having a little anecdotal chuckle about something that happened to them when they first swapped bodies, and end with them having their first dance on the floor in front of all their friends and family. That could be both sweet and funny.

This one is from someone with a request:
I wish you would do more hypnosis related captions :(
Could you do more hypnosis please?
Pretty much how I do this blog is to think about discussion questions and then find captions I've made that can further the discussion and/or elaborate on a point I have brought up, which a caption could shine light on more than just blabbing on about it.

Perhaps, if you phrased your questions in a context of something to do with hypnosis, it'd be a more likely occurrence that some hypnosis captions would appear in the blog. Maybe you have a hypnosis idea that would make a great caption, but you don't think you have the time, or skills, or would like to see me tackle your scenario? Things like that would definitely be a reason to post more hypnosis captions.

If the Pats win the Superb Bowl tomorrow, I will post a hypnosis/magic caption series I did about a year ago that I am pretty sure I haven't posted here on my blog. IF the giants win, you'll have to wait a bit longer!

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  1. Ah well I think there has been a lost in translation moment for me!

    The thing that I was referring, which is partially covered in your reponse is to introduce an actual joke.

    Like what happened to the chicken that crossed the road... ( fill it with wathever you want to happen to the chicken *giggle* )

    So that was the point I was making which you covered at first.

    And then you explained about doing funny situations or non sensical may I say? :)

    So thanks for answering, that help me to understand where does the funny start and ends... sometimes I try to do that but end on the road of silliness!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra