Friday, February 10, 2012

Dr. Mentia Opens her Hypno Office

Well, I said I would post a hypnosis series, and I am pretty damn sure I haven't posted it here before.

I made this series for Samantha Hanley, who has sort of disappeared over the last few months (She hasn't signed onto the Haven since October 2011) and I really miss her work. She was really into two things that I enjoy in captions ... Hosiery and Hypnosis. Now and again, she'd come up with some really cool twists, but I'm not sure if she just got burned out with captioning or something else. Samantha dear, if you are out there, drop me a PM or something!

Anyway, I am a big fan of both, and wanted to make her something special, but wasn't sure where to go until I found a series of pictures that pretty much scripted what I wanted to say. By this point (April 2011) I was barely making anything longer than 1 panel. From my idea though, I KNEW that it had to be longer than that, since in my head, there were certain points I wanted to hit, and figured one panel per emphasis point would convey the story better, especially since the best pictures were aligned horizontally.

I like to think that I made it flow fairly well from panel to panel, especially since my ADD (or is it ADHD?) tends to kick in by the third panel if I try to make series. She isn't a fan of magic, so I had to create the whole "manipulating body tissue" to get the boobies to make sense, since the point was the computer and phone triggers were changing him from a "former college acquantence" to a secretary over the course of the morning.

Looking at it again, I realize that I was definitely making all the exposition flow through her stream of consciousness dialog, but I'm not sure how else I could have done it and made it flow the way I wanted it to be. I don't think its clunky, but I recognize the limitations I had imposed upon myself. Hypnosis captions tend to need more verbiage to get their point across. Even though it runs through four panels, I am not sure how much more I could whittle down and still have a completely coherent TG caption series.

In other blog news, I was bored the other night and tagged all the posts for February of 2011. That leaves March-May of 2011 without tags for the blog. I wrote up many posts for those months, but if I can do one Month per week, I should have ALL the captions tagged by the middle of March.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: What do you like about hypnosis TG captions? What things about hypnosis captions make you want to scream "I NEVER want to see THAT again!"? What things WOULD you like to see more of in TG hypnosis captions, that you don't see enough?


  1. Finally a discussion I can really sink a stiletto into...

    I tend to be in an odd situation with many hypnosis TG captions because I know how the process works and I tend to get annoyed with the typical hypnosis alone changed my body idea.

    I love hypnosis, and love to see it used in TG captions, but I tend to need it to have something extra to explain how the body changes to match the that magic or technology or something else.

    The one thing I particularly like in a TG hypnosis caption is an implanted female personality that is brought out via a trigger. That is my favorite.

    As for things that make me scream, it tends to be the typical hypnosis stereotypes that annoy me in anything else.

  2. I think the thing that bothers me the most is how most hypnosis captions take a fully straight 'mans man' and turns him into a weak willed woman in a matter of minutes. I've fallen into that trap of time though myself. But the part that gets me is hypnosis creating something out of nothing. So far as I know hypnosis can pull out and emphasize parts of us that are already there, and can de-emphasize and hide other parts. But if a person has absolutely no interest in wearing a dress and being a woman, then hypnosis alone couldn't make that happen.

    Of course I write this in the same day that I wrote a hypnosis cap that gets very close to what I'm mentioning!

  3. I would not say that it's impossible to change a straight man into a weak willed woman, but that's something that would take much longer than minutes. Such a process would require the careful manipulation of emotional states to steer the victim on the desired path.

    It might start as simply as introducing silk stockings into a male/female relationship and anchoring the presence of them with pleasure then slowly pushing from there.

    I strictly work in cases where I know that the hypnotee desires the experience, but a less than ethical person could do damage in small 'feminization by a thousand cuts' manner.

  4. Well, I think one thing that really hampers us as TG Caption writers is that we simply do NOT have the amount of space to properly write out a story the way it should be done .. especially when you consider that the medium we are choosing is mainly a visual one.

    Also, captions tend to be "bigger than life" and yet we want the explanations of HOW to be grandiose yet "real" which often seems to contradict each other.

    @ Caitlyn

    I think hypnosis has its own shorthand when it comes to captions, and oftentimes, unless a specific part of the plotline needs it, readers will tend to view the process behind it as, "You don't need to know how the sausage is made to enjoy the food." While I can't imagine that hypnosis would affect permanent physical changes, there are interesting things that the body/mind can do. Sympathetic pains, hysterical blindness, adrenaline rushes where people pull cars off of children, etc .. makes you wonder what else could be induced.

    @ Moose

    I am sure that there are many ways around the various speed bumps to get people to do what is desired. The US government had been trying for years to figure out a good combo of drugs and suggestion, along with other more wacko ideas. I think Mk-Ultra was one of the big research projects involving that.

    You had commented, "The one thing I particularly like in a TG hypnosis caption is an implanted female personality that is brought out via a trigger. That is my favorite."

    Do you like to keep them separate, or have the original personality be aware but unable to do anything about it? Perhaps merge them so that the female personality is dominant, and overtime that one just takes over all the time? Something else?

    What do you think are the worst 2 things we as a TG captioning collective, do that makes you cringe? I figure if we identify them, we can possibly overcome them somehow!

  5. I love the theme of hypnosis in TG exotrica. To me, it really builds well into the whole forced/persauded/tricked kind of aspect which is a huge turn on. However, alot of the time it is hard to understand how you could really force a guy into losing his manhood. Hypnosis kind of provides an elegant solution as to hypnotize him all it takes is a tiny seed of desire to know what it's like to be a woman. It is not too unrealistic to imagine building that up with hypnosis.

    I really don't like the body changed with hypnosis captions though. Not nessisarily because of the unrealism, (Actually, I think you handled that expellently with your thesis line in this series) but because it tends to then take the focus away the mind which is where hypnosis really shines.

    I'd really like to see more illustrated story type series of captions. I've seen some great Hypno captions and read some great hypno stories, but I agree with you Dee that the hypnosis theme implicently means more words to tell the story well. I've seen a couple illustrated stories and it was nice to have that visual aspect. So it would be interesting to see if you could combine the ability of a story to take it slow and really show the mental and physical changes, and the ability of captions to provide quick button pushing moments.


  6. @Dee

    Personally, the stereotype I'd love to see completely disappear is the one of the hypnotist being the all powerful and extreme will melting bad guy. That is mainly due to the fact that I still feel a bit of a stigma in bring up the fact that I'm skilled in hypnosis in real life.

    Every time I bring it up to someone new, I instantly see their eyes shift in a mental search of all of the things that media has taught people to be afraid of involving hypnosis...having someone instantly under the hypnotists power, the magical influential qualities of a swinging pocket watch, etc.

    At the same time, I recognize that those same stereotypes are the reason that many flock to hypnosis in TG. There are plenty of people that want to be given a reason to 'be completely controlled' and 'forced' into doing the things that they've fantasized about. I often do use those stereotypes to my advantage when I see that is the expectation.

    In the end, my gripes mean little to hypnosis in TG and are more related to my own personal desire to not have people look at me strangely when I talk about it in person. I've even been known to include a magical hypnotic pocket watch in my own captions, so I can't complain too loudly.