Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Played by the Rules! .. Happy Life Day!

This caption is another storyline that I had roaming around my noggin for quite a while, and I had emailed it to myself a number of months back. Its a basic plot point that some TV shows and movies use as a device .. a boss is retiring or leaving and is finding a replacement. There is usually some sort of contest based on sales or whatever, and the candidates are pitted against each other with every sort of dirty trick, etc .. being played.

After seeing all the shenanigans going on with government and big business, I wanted to turn this plot point on its head. Even now, as I watch all the presidential candidates debating, its amazing how self righteous they all seem to portray themselves. I don't think that anyone in power has a clean sheet, as the higher you rise, the more dirty your laundry tends to be. The person most people think of as the worst president of the last 50 years (I'm discounted Bush Jr because there hasn't been enough time yet to really look back) was Jimmy Carter, who most people would also probably say was the nicest and most virtuous of the presidents of the last half century.

So then, what we have here is a "good guy to good girl" caption, which is somewhat rare to see. The other thing about this caption that is somewhat rare is its one of the 2 percent I write that isn't driven by a picture. I could have used any number of business oriented pictures for the caption and it probably would not have affected the plot much at all. Sammie likes redheads, so that is why I used this particular photo.

On an unrelated note, today is Life Day. so make sure wear your red robe and wave your crystal ball things up high. For those that aren't sure what that means, here is a quick little video to help you out.


DISCUSSION QUESTION: How much of your morals and world views do you bring into your captions? Is it easy to fake a different philosophy when creating for others that don't hold the same values that you do?  Have you ever seen the Star Wars Holiday Special?


  1. I wrote a reply to this that didn't post for some reason.

    I like the concept of this caption, it's a classic example of "nice guys finish last." I like workplace situations that involve demotion, loss of status and humiliation.

    I have seen the "Star Wars Holiday Special". It must have been when it was originally broadcast, because I've never see it on tape or online (I realize that I'm dating myself here).

  2. I believe that if you have never posted on the blog before, it waits for me to accept it so I don't get spam messages (which I do get from time to time!)

    I deleted the other comment you submitted because it was pretty much the same as this one. Someone else had the same problem that you did.

  3. I came looking for a victim of the Haven amnesia and saw you made a Life Day post! I wonder what caps can be written based around it... ~OliviaLovely