Sunday, October 23, 2011

... and Don't Call Me Shirley!

This is one serious piece of fluff I made yesterday. I figured that Caitlyn would be stressing a bit with school, and would enjoy the distraction. I even named it "Caitlyn picked the wrong week to stop making captions" since that referenced another famous line from the movie.

I know that most captions are made to titillate, or evoke another emotion ... but I like making captions just to let others know I'm thinking about them. Its cheaper than Hallmark, and much more seductive too, huh?

Of course, the jokes are all from that classic 1980 movie, "Airplane" which I recently watched again on DVD, and then caught Airplane 2: The Sequel on Netflix. I love both movies, even though the Zucker brothers had disowned the sequel, and still haven't watched it. Watch them both if/when you can, it still holds up well now over 30 years later, and it never fails to lighten my mood.

I had the "Surely you must be joking" line in my head, and since Leslie Nielsen played a doctor in "Airplane" I thought of a nurse saying that line in a TG caption. From there it was easy to find a sexy nurse outfit for Caitlyn to be wearing, and it pretty much wrote itself. I wanted to follow up that line with another joke from the movie, so I played it through my head, and the "its a blank .. but that isn't important right now" just popped out at me. They actually use the "its a building with sick people in it .." so that worked just fine for me, and related back to a nurse and doctor speaking about what had happened.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If money and situation weren't an issue, what would you dress up as for Halloween? Have you and someone else ever dressed up as partners of the opposite sex for a Halloween party? What was your best Halloween experience?


  1. I remember when I was really young asking to dress as a girl for halloween, but my mother wouldn't allow it.

    Your question made me remember that. ;)

    My ideal costume for now would be a Big Daddy from the video game Bioshock. I've always wanted to do a really good massive costume.

    If I had my IDEAL situation, I would dress as Qorra from Tron or one of the girls from Sucker Punch (both bad movies, but love the style in both).

  2. Love the caption and references to Airplane. Good stuff.

    Speaking of airplanes, I'd like to dress as a Pan Am stewardess from the 60s for Halloween. I've seen several episodes of the show. It's not a great series, but the girls look great and I love the 60s fashions.

  3. Doh! now I know the jokes "giggle". It seems that movie didn't get call like that in Spain but with a larger name: Aterriza como puedas (Land like you can) or something like that "giggle". So ok now I understand a bit more the cap! ^-^

    For Halloween... uhmmmm it's a pretty new tradition over my country so I've never dress up as anything but, I would have to do it... Then I would like to go as dracula or something like that heh heh heh

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  4. @ Linda

    I think they are cancelling that show. I know it wasn't really getting good ratings. Sounds like a great costume though!

    @ Alectra

    So, no latex Nurse outfit for you? C'mon, you KNOW you want to!!

    @ Simone

    I vaguely remember wanting to dress up like Wonder Woman, or mayybe that was getting Wonder Woman underoos? I ended up with Spiderman, which was a disappointment, but at least it wasn't Aquaman!

  5. First off, thank you for the wonderful Cap Dee. I was (and really, still am) stressing out over school, and this was a wonderful distraction. I think I scared my dog by laughing so hard.

    I know its awfully dull of me, but I don't like dressing up for Halloween. Even if I did, I wouldn't try to pull off a woman, as I would just look horrible like that. I'll keep dressing all to my self.

    I have never dressed up as a woman for Halloween, but that does remind me of the last time I got drunk at a Halloween party. And by drunk I mean, blacking out, stinking raging drunk. This is back when I was in college the first time (1994 or 1995). I remember this cute chick walking in and hitting on her. Evidently what I don't remember (but my friends never fail to remind me) is that I hit on her constatnly for a couple hours. I just wouldn't take no for an answer. She tried to avoid me, but evidently I kept sneaking up on her, which isn't easy at my size. And once I had her, she had a hell of a time getting away as she was all of 100 pounds soaking wet, and five foot nothing.

    Oh... did I mention that 'she' wasn't a she at all? That it was some guy dressed up (perhaps a little to convincingly) as a woman? So it seems that long before I was capping, I was living out the antagonist to every halloween TG story.