Thursday, September 8, 2011

Formspring has given me a request for more pregnancy captions and a question from Alectra that I will hopefully be answering soon. Figured I would give people a heads up that I have seen them, but haven't really had time to whip something up. I haven't really even had time to make any new captions, though I did make one for the next Haven Quarterly eZine which I am sort of proud of. Unfortunately for everyone, you'd have to buy a copy when its out in October to see it!

This caption is a good followup to the previous post, in that its deals more with feelings and experiences than with a set plot line. It didn't really matter HOW she became Serena, what happens next? I didn't mention it at the time, but it was something I was thinking about, due to friends either getting divorced or losing a close loved one. Its all well and good to mourn or mope, but at some point, you have to move on and make the best of whatever situation you are currently facing.

Of course, I chose not to make this a sad caption, as it was created specifically for Serena. I wanted to accentuate the positive, and among other things, having a body like that certainly helps when coping with becoming a female. Well, at least once it is accepted.

For me, the fact that she wasn't sure of what she was wearing, as opposed to the "I'm a girl now" situation that Dee thought, was incredibly positive. Most women have a comfort zone by the time they reach their 20's, where they know how they want to present themselves: in hair, makeup, clothing, and unless its a special occasion, they don't usually veer away from it too much. Its been built up from the time they were a little girl, through the teenage years, and on up through their adult life. The next step from the mid 20's style is if/when they have kids.

Serena didn't have that chance, and will certainly have to figure out on her own what she feels most comfortable with, and it looks like that this caption is the first step of many for her. Even better, she's putting on her panties in a way that makes they easier to take off if she decides to seduce Tom!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I've noticed that I can't help but transfer my mood and thoughts to whatever caption I am making at the time. It probably goes back to my days in music, and when I was pissed off, I would write a punk song, and if I was happy, it'd be a cheerier punk song! The photo certainly influenced what I wrote, but looking at it now, I think its a pretty vague (though quite seductive) picture. When you saw the picture, before reading the caption, what did you think the story/plot line would be from me? What would you have done with the photo if YOU were making a caption for it?


  1. Uhmmm posting before going to sleep how naughty is that? "giggle". Lets see:

    Given that we cannot see her face... I would go for a crossdresser theme. I know it would be obvious but the pic itself doesn't scream much for me. Otherwise I would have to go with a silly theme and call for a situation where you have been kidnap and forced to wear hosiery items "giggle". It would work with the not knowing how but who cares I want to know what happens next!

    For the other part I can add my two cents on that feeling of writing caps with haste or just because I feel like it or not feeling in the mood but writing anyway. Music is a good vehicle to express the feelings someone is putting into something. If you are with me in that given that you are a musician or singer "giggle"... Music works as a catalyst of our inner feelings, it helps us to express in a "Vivace" manner on how we feel. Next thing I know after is that I've written something very thoughtful. Sometimes I would scratch it or develop the concept I've made... I dunno about that but the idea of it appeals to me ^-^

    Ouh and I know I'm for the most part the cause of your "headaches" "giggle" giving questions but, I know you really give great answers to them... So I keep sending them to you (as some should do!).

    In other news I'm making a caption galore(For my 100th post) If you haven't been informed of it yet and you are amongst the list of the people who I consider friends ^-^ Thats means all of them are to be considered as gifts!
    So maybe next week I'll have them ready (I've been working on stories and pic hunting for almost three weeks already) and I'll notice you on it. I know it will be something to remember!

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I would have wanted to do something about a woman getting dressed in hose for the first time. It seems like there is a big struggle so that would have been my first choice.

    I also might have done a teasing caption about a new girl learning to tease her victim with her new body.

  3. @ Alectra

    I thought it was actually a good question, which is why I am delaying it for now until I can actually have time to focus on it. Good luck on your hundredth posting!

    I also wasn't going to sleep, as I posted at 7:29 PM. I watched a football game and a documentary on the anthropology of Heavy Metal.

    @ Simone

    I think your second suggestion sounds like more fun!

  4. @ Dee when I said posting before going to sleep I was referring to myself. It was around 3:00 AM past midnight "giggle"; I was kind of bored after watching a movie and your blog popped out with an update!

    Thanks for the wishes too ^-^

    @ Simone

    Seconded ^-^

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  5. To be honest, I didn't get a 'story' from the picture. I see a woman (a newly transformed man) either putting on or pulling off her panties. But after that... nothing. I like the image, but it just doesn't give me anything more to work with. Its one of the many images that I like, that I would just pass by.

    As to moods... I can't say that moods change my writing. Mainly because unless I am in a decent capping mood, I don't write well at all. Therefore I avoid making caps when I'm not in the mood.