Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lose That Spare Tire!

Something I made over two years ago. The photo just called out for a silly and fun caption with some word play thrown in for good measure. I think it speaks pretty well on its own, unless those tires are only in America, then, as usual, I am leaving my friends from other countries stranded high and dry yet again!

Anyway, I wanted to post a nice summer caption, and then realized while looking through the Haven, that I don't really have many summer captions at all. As a plot line, or in photos that have bikinis and beaches and all that . I probably have enough made to count with one hand.

I think I know the reason though, and it never really occurred to me before now. I am NOT a fan of summer, or even spring for that matter. I love October (more than just for Halloween) and I usually function the best between October and March. After that, I get lots of seasonal allergies, hay fever, and I am not a fan of hot weather or sweating.

I don't think I've been a beach during the day in ummmm, 12 years. One reason is that I kinda hate the whole beach experience. Another is the GF is incredibly white skinned to the point of being almost see-through (we have to slather 666 SPF on her to make sure she doesn't blister, peel, and scream.) Throw in the traffic, the lugging around all the supplies, cooler, etc ... and I would much rather just swim in someone's pool if I feel the need to cool off.

What is worse is I now have quite a few vacation days I can spread throughout the year. My work would prefer I take them during the summer when it is supposedly slower. Of course, since everyone else takes time off, it doesn't seem like there is any sort of slowdown to me. I'd much rather sit here in the office and enjoy the wonderful air conditioning that try to vacation somewhere hot. Besides, I can never afford to go anywhere so I'd be sitting at home in front of a computer with the AC there .. so why not get paid for it and take my time off when I actually would like!

Anyway, I ended up taking a day off yesterday since they wanted me to "relax" which I never do because I'm not wired like that. The GF has the week off so we just wandered around some outlet malls and things like that, mostly trying to avoid the sun and intense heat. Now I need to install a new power supply into my desktop computer at home since it keeps rebooting. I'd have LOVED to have done that on my day off, I like sleeping in my bed .. which probably wouldn't have happened if I avoided my loving GF! LOL

So, until I can take care of that, my attendance on the intertubes will be sporadic, especially during the weekend. I will probably have time to do the power supply sometime during the weekend, barring any other social events that my beloved has entwined me into attending. Perhaps I will post something more of note than this.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Yeah, I know this is mostly a filler post, but you could always go back and read the last caption post I made since it only has 2 responses so far. . Do you like to go on vacation or do you prefer to take a day or two off, here and there, scattered throughout the year (which is what I tend to do)? What is your favorite season and why?


  1. First off, funny cap.

    I wanted to thank you for coming out and saying you don't like Summer Dee. I go a little beyond that.. I HATE summer and I LOVE winter. I am not that much of an outdoor person, but I would much rather be cold than hot.

    When it comes to vacation, if I'm not living my 'normal' life, then I want to have an event. Vacations are just that. I want to jump in the car and drive to a destination, then fill up the time doing things. The idea of taking paid time off to hang out at home is just... well ick.

    Sadly the last vacation I went on was in the summer of 2005. A buddy and got in his car with a weeks worth of clothes a full take of gas and just started driving. We had two destinations and when we came to the point in the highway to pick, we flipped a coin and hit up Washington DC. The other choice... New Orleans. So we could have seen the Big Easy just before Katrina hit.

  2. Fun cap, Dee.

    I recently changed jobs and, as usual in the US, will have minimal vacation for a long time. I'm working at a client where many people have long tenure and huge amounts of vacation (which they don't take - drives me crazy).

    I'd love to have 6 weeks of vacation per year (or more). I'd take a couple of one week vacations to nearby destinations, time off around Christmas then take the rest in 1 or 2 day increments.

  3. @ Caitlyn

    Glad to see I've got some support for my anti-summer displeasure. I'm not a big outside person either, so I'd much rather be comfortable in cool weather. If it is cold out, you can always put on a jacket. If it is really hot out, you can't take skin off so you just sweat and burn.

    I wouldn't necessarily mind a vacation where I go somewhere, but all my friends that do it seem to have more stress in planning it and then making sure they HAVE fun on the vacation .. it almost seems like its not worth it. If I had enough money, I would definitely do what you and your friend did, just hopping in the car and taking off somewhere.

    @ Linda

    Maybe they figure that if they left for a bit of vacation, that the bosses would notice they weren't as essential as they want to be?

    I've had the reverse happen where at a previous job, I hadn't taken a vacation, THEN finally took one for 10 days. When I got back, the boss liked me a lot more and I received a raise within the month! They'd had such a rough time (I was an overnight person) while I was gone, and didn't realize the amount of work I did until I was away for those nights.

  4. I really dislike summer and all its sticky hotness. At least in winter you can get warm whereas its harder to get cool in summer. I normally take a few two day vacations a year and go and stay with friends but I haven't been away properly for 4 years now. We used to have two week vacations all the time when I was a kid.