Sunday, May 1, 2011

Its a Slam Dunk!

The picture was in Kaitlyn's folder for a 2 for 1 offer, and it was too cute to ignore. I love when I can make dialog like this, especially when the people are working out what is happening, and the compulsions take over. You have 2 guys who obviously are athletes, and by the end of the story they are dreading even going to gym class. I'm probably showing my bias here by saying that I LOVE captions like these, either by means of hypnosis or magic. My favorite line is so predictable, but I think its awesome ."If I pass you the brisketball ..." which shows how much knowledge about sports they've lost, and how much ditziness they've gained. Even most sports challenged women can name what she is holding in her hand and possibly a player or two.

The thing I wanted to discuss here is something that a few people mentioned during my last pseudo-rant blog posting ... that I was some sort of goddess, and as such, that people are afraid to approach me. I really and truly hope that isn't true, and this blog is my way of hopefully reaching out to everyone that reads and writes captions. I truly love TG captions, and I love to talk about them. For me, THAT is the key to making better captions is to discuss them and think about them in ways I hadn't thought about before.

There were tons of nights where I've had discussions with Simone, Jennifer, Bren and many others ... talking about why they did what they did in certain captions. Through making some real clunkers, I was able to figure out what I was good at, what needed work, and even more so, a support system that could be honest with me when it sucked, and praised me when something passed muster.

I've made some great friends through TG captions as well. The community in general is understanding and varied enough that even though there may be disagreements, most people respect others opinions. Some people disappear, and luckily there are always new people to keep the community vibrant and growing.

This is my little piece of that TG community. Here I can elaborate more of what I like and discuss why I am not fond of things I'm not fond of. Its my spot of heaven and no one is going to shut me up if I want to wax poetic or bask in some adoration when I'm feeling down. Even better, I have a chance to share it with visitors, all who have a passion for TG captions.

For creators, I hope to keep the discussions interesting, in hopes that the captioneers will take a seed and make it grow into wondrous captions that will inspire me to take my game further. For readers, I want them to understand the process behind the creations, and hopefully grasp the challenges that we have in producing what they love to read. If at some point they try to make their own, then even better!

How can I keep the discussions lively and informative? I can pontificate all I want, but my opinions are not quite worthy of stone tablets descended from Mount Sinus (A-choo!) When I ask for comments, it usually isn't for ego-stroking, but to get ideas flowing. When I ask for links, it is because I am curious to see what others read and appreciate. When I ask for people to explain why they like a certain type of caption, ie pregnancy, its so that other creators can get a handle on it and make captions that people want to read.

Honestly, I have no idea where the hell all this came from, but to wrap things up ... don't be afraid of witches and gypsies like me! If you'll notice, we usually give you what you want, especially in captions. It reminds me of a caption idea I had but never followed through with. It has a guy surrounded by spooky girls, and he thinks to himself, "I've been insulting these goths all night ... when the hell is one of them going to turn me into a girl or dominate me? Just my luck, I ended up with a room full of defective witches!" Sometimes you just have to ask nicely!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Are there any captions I've made in the Haven recently, or made for you however long ago, that you'd like me to discuss? If I can get some responses, I can sprinkle them in with other discussions, or perhaps they'll lead to a wonderful discussion on its own. 


  1. Dee, when i said that thing about you being a goddess and all i was joking, i tend to do it alot "giggle"...

    What i want to know is when you made me my first cap(which by the way you have already posted here)about Pablo("giggle" me "giggle")submitting to her mistress Dementia bringing his own ropes and other stuff :3
    Did you think i was too difficult to approach?, easy?, nothing at all?, just capping me with anything that striked your mood at that moment?.
    I would like to chat about these things too...
    I know that thanks to your reviews, comments, pointers, advices (other people in the Haven helped too :3) and so on i have improved alot since i first tried my hand at captions making (if not i don't know why many people comes to my blog and enjoy what i do :3)
    Retrofeedback is always good and helps alot to self-boasting ^-^

  2. @ Alectra

    Others had made mention of it as well, either in comments or in a PM or IM.

    Because of that, I really wanted to say what I said above. There are people that have come out and said that I was a big influence on them when it came to captioning. The funny thing is, they are often the same people that drive me get better in my captioning, to step up my game to keep up with what they are producing.

  3. Regarding the caption: I liked it. Especialy when it ends with you feeling like something is about to happen. In this case he may flash his new thong at coach to get an A+ but I think it will jest earn him a spanking. Both from the coach and then his daughter. But if he is a good girl then maybe he can then work out a nice wet way to say 'im sorry' to the two of them. THEN they can talk about changing the grade....

    Regarding your text: A goddess? Nope. But you do write some pretty provocative stuff. Jest keep doing what you like.