Thursday, April 28, 2011

Payback is definitely a ... Dee-otch!!

So here we are, back to normal! And by normal, I mean, guys being turned into hot women with lots of word play and sly winks at the audience reading this TG caption.While not a quintessential caption for me, it is definitely one that is representative of what I tend to produce over time. I think this was from some point in 2009, and was made for Davewashere25. I think I've had the privilege of captioning most of the people with folders in the Haven, and as I get spare time freed up hopefully soon, I want to tackle some of the newbies that have joined in the last month or so, along with those that migrated over from TF Media.

On that note, I would like to welcome anyone that has recently started reading this blog. We had a big influx within the last month that took the followers up from 69 to 92 in the space of a few weeks. I'm hoping to crack the 100 followers plateau soon. While I haven't seen a jump in comments, I have noticed a fair rise in daily page hits. This leads to my discussion question.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I want to expand my list of caption blogs that I follow. I know there are some good ones out there, and I'll need visitors help. In the comments, I would like you to list ONE or TWO of your favorite TG caption sites that AREN'T already in the list to the left AND tell me WHY I should be following them. I don't mind self promotion as long as you can tell me why they should be in my left hand column. (and Alectra, you will be in the next update so you don't have to mention your blog!)


  1. Hey are you reading my mind or something :3
    When i read that end line, i've shocked myself :3
    Uhmmm, for nice new blogs i can share these two:

    Candi Came's:

    While new to the blogger she has quite a wide style when making caps worth checking...

    Brenda Big Tits:

    This one is quite good too Brenda has her own unique style writing Stories and also caps that deal with TG/TF universe, worth checking too..

    Thanks For The promotion Dee :3

    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. I think you should be following Dani's Death Defying Captions .... It's like so totally awesome and it's run by this great genius... Davewashere25 ...... Oh wait...... Shit... one small problem.... I don't have a friggin blog!

    Nevermind :)

  3. I'm guessing you've already found it, but
    is a nice new site. Most of the others I check are old, well know sites.

    was going to post as a URL but my tags be broken, sowwie.

  4. I'd love to recommend some blogs, but I don't follow to many myself. And lately I haven't even been into reading the blogs that I do follow (hence me not posting much here lately).

    When I am in the mood, I tend to read the blogs that I follow. If I am still in the mood, but not ready for the Haven, I go back and go through the blogs that they follow. I have added several blogs to my list that way. Once I recognize the name of the blog and find myself thinking 'OH! I wonder what they made recently' I just go ahead and add it.