Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Zombie Jesus Day!

Happy Zombie Jesus Day, and hope everyone got their fill of lamb, pig, or other beast!

We here at Dee-lusions of Gradeur decided to give you a perfectly wholesome caption for your viewing pleasure. There is certainly a lack of standards and decorum in most TG captions, and we endeavor to provide a balance to the barbaric and perverted imagery of our TG brethren.

Nah, fuck that shit! Just having some fun! I enjoyed making this about 2 years ago, as I wanted to do a Seinfeld "Opposite George" styled caption. Everyone in TG captions always end up slutty and oversexed. I figured it would be amusing to turn that idea on its ear. Other than Karen Elizabeth's stories from 1996-2000, I don't recall many sweet "no sex before marriage" tales. Perhaps that says more about us a community, but its probably more of a reflection of society at large. Then again, SEX SELLS!

If you keep saying your prayers and go to church, you could end up looking like this! Just get down on your knees at night and .. ummm, never mind! That could definitely make you a bad girl!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you remember (or created) any TG stories or captions that involved a bad boy to good girl scenario? Make your recommendations or post some links to stuff you've enjoyed that are of the same ilk as the caption I've posted above. Maybe this is a category we can get moving and thriving again!


  1. I really don't remember any caption or story where the star of the cap was at one time a pure hound dog and then the next pure as the virgin snow.

    I've enjoyed bad boy to good girl caps and I think I've made a few even. But Even then, they wouldn't match this caption. If sex makes them a bad girl, I'm pretty sure all of my
    "good girls" have gone bad at some point.

    Heck! I've made a caption about a bad boy, to good girl, Only to have her join the dark side again!

  2. @ Jennifer

    I think something you could use if you wished to make a bad boy to good girl caption is something that I noticed when growing up in a predominately Catholic area.

    The girls would NEVER do something as bad as sex before marriage BUT there were all these loopholes. Oral sex wasn't considered officially sex, and Catholic girls seemed to do everything but full penetration. When you are a horny male teenager, that was good enough in most cases!

  3. I have to say I do enjoy these kinds of stories as a change of pace. I have made a few captions in a similar vein and now you make me want to do it again.

  4. @ Dee

    That sounds like a plan. But I normally use the good girl angle as a way to mock their former bad boy status. But I change things up enough that I could do this and it does sound like something fun to try. ^_^

  5. Hmm.. I never really got into the bad boy into good girl stories or caps. It seems like too much of a character change. It could be done over a long enough time period, but it always seems too forced and quick... at least the ones I've seen.

    I think the closest I've come to that type of story that I enjoyed is the 'bad boy' that is forced to be a good girl. He doesn't act like that on his own, he acts that way out of fear of punishment. And even in those stories he is generally a 'good girl' during the day, and a 'slutty girl' at night. I can't think of specific examples, as I would generaly read these stories and enjoy it, but not come back to read it again.