Friday, April 15, 2011

300K hits! You Got Served! and More!

Well, since we just passed 300k hits for this blog, I was in a mood to celebrate. Ask me a question this weekend (either on the Formspring box if its less than 140 characters, or PM me at the Haven, or comment below) and I will try to answer them all as truthfully as I can. Things like my likes, dislikes, thoughts on whatever comes to your mind, etc .. Whichever person's question elicits the best answer out of me will end up with a caption made for them, exclusive to this blog (It won't be posted to the Haven unless the recipient wants it there) .. offer good as long as I get at least 4 questions to answer.

THANK YOU to everyone that has visited this blog, especially those who make comments. I try to make this as interactive as possible, and when there is feedback, it is truly welcomed and vital to maintaining freshness.


  1. Congratulation Dee, i wanted to ask you this but i didn't find the time to ask so i'll do it right now :3

    When you are building characters in a story do you tend to follow basics archetypes and traits for them? or do you try not to fall in the usual blonde equal to Bimbo / Brunette equal to dark mistress types as examples?
    Now you should pursuit your 100 followers, this is the most interesting blog ever :3
    Hugs and Kisses Alectra

  2. Wow three hundred thousand. That's very impressive. Congratulations.