Friday, January 21, 2011

I Don't Think She's Doing It Right!

One of the things that tie together many of my TG Captioneer friends is the love of silly captions. Not every caption needs to be perverted, kinky, or salacious in its plot and details. Sometimes, I would rather see some fun word play, puns, or ridiculous pictures. Someone sent me this odd pic I believe, and said that I should be able to make use of it. It is nice to be known for being strange, as eccentric people are given more leeway in society. Hell, I've made TWO TG captions involving octopi and squid, which the requester posted figuring no one would use them. I like challenges, and even if I am stumped, I will attack it with childish glee.

This is a basic caption in that the picture completely drives the story, and is set up by the standard teenage male jokes about words with a dirty meaning and a clean one as well. Is it juvenile and better left unsaid? OF COURSE! That is the whole point in this caption. I think that it both confirms to the conventions of a TG caption AND also mocks it.I wouldn't give this caption to just anyone though, and since Courtney's persona is one of an innocent person that loves cookies, bunnies, and Hello Kitty, it is entirely appropriate for her.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: Do you have preconceived notions of what a caption will be before reading it, based on who its by, or the title and/or pictures? Are you disappointed if you were expecting something spank-worthy and ended up with the Captioneer giving you a rim-shot instead of a rim-job? What expectations do you bring into reading TG captions? When giving comments, let me know what type of caption you'd like to see next and I'll see what I can dig up for a discussion.


  1. First, I want to throw in my suggestion for the cap you last did for me. love it! ^_^

    I do except to see a certain style from this person or that, but am always delighted to see something fresh. I've tried to do that with a lot of my work in story. but some times dosen't work out, and recently I've been trying to spice it up with the different methods I can try to write up a story.

    I don't mind funny caps, or just light heart-ed caps, some of my favorite caps have been just that. I've even made a few my self. ^_^

    I've just been trying to draw inspiration from some of the recent caps I've read lately, something I might could learn and make my stuff better.

  2. I believe it's always interesting to see what someone else comes up with when they do a picture. Someone might surprise you and bring in a new perspective.

    I believe i have less expectations of WHAT a cap should be and more about what I expect from certain captionists. Some people tend to go for certain types of captions and if I want to read their "brand" then I have an idea what to expect.

  3. I do have preconceived notions of caps before I read them. It can be from any combination of author, title and/or pictures. I'm rarely disappointed if it gives me something unexpected. I like that twist in the story even if it goes funny instead of erotic. There have admittedly been times that I've been searching more for porn that caps, but there is so much porn out there already that I rarely look for that in caps anymore.

    Expectations? Hmm.. I try not to go into caps with any expectations any more. If I am looking at a particular artists blog I have expectations (sometimes it's for photo choice, sometimes for design, sometimes for story) and I am rarely let down. The artists most likely to give a rim-shot are the artists that I expect rim-shots out of.

    Considering the type of caps I make, I'm sure that if people follow them for my normal forced fem over-sexed romp, then I have let them down occasionally. But then again the caps that would disappoint these people are generally made specifically for someone that wouldn't want my standard style of cap.

    I have to admit that when you used the term 'spank-worthy' it reminded me of the time I realized that there is a good possibility of some guy in middle America spanking it to some cap I made. My initial reaction was ewwww... until I realized I had 'done the deed' to caps before I made them. Stones at glass houses fits in here somewhere....

    Oh... and as to what type of caption... I don't know. My initial reaction is 'Very Sexy Ones' but after my last comment I don't want you to get the wrong idea ;) I guess I would like to see some that you think are outside of your normal style. I like seeing artists stretch themselves, and as I really respect your work, I like to see the alternate roads you've taken in the past!

  4. Is it weird that I try and make captions that are spank worthy? I like to make some funny, some dark, some sweet, and some with a point wandering around there somewhere, but I still hope it doesn't get in the way of the eroticism (classy word for spank worthy). I just figure that's half the fun. I just try and write well enough that someone might finish the cap after they've ...ahem "finished".

    Honestly that's what interested me in caps in the first place and I think it shows in my work.

  5. @ Simone

    Yes, I also see certain captioneers as a brand, and know exactly what I am getting, good or bad. It has made tackling the "New posts since last zign-in" log easier to deal with, as I know which ones to look at and which ones to skip.

    @ everyone

    I didn't mean "spank-worthy" to be a bad term. I can just see that there are probably lots of people out there that see my name attached to a caption, and won't look at it because it'll be "cute" or "funny", even though I do some intense captions from time to time. Those intense captions however are probably more psychologically driven than smutty pictures. In fact, some of my "funny captions" are probably more cruel than the more serious ones!

    Please keep posting, I will probably tackle stuff that Jenniger and Caitlyn suggested within a week or two. I am writing this up at work, so I don't really have access to all my files, so I can't review what I've done.