Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Fun Text to Think About!

Got this text about an hour ago while at work, from my daughter at school, who has a school concert tonight. She's in both Orchestra, Band, and Chorus so she is going to be busy tonight and wants to look her best.

Her: Can yu buy and drop off nylons for me?
Me: I might .. what color and size?
Her: Size A and like nude or black

So now Daddy has to go to store and pick out some pantyhose. Oh the situations that could ensue in a TG caption! Off the top of my head, you could get the following:
  • Dealing with the female sales clerk ... "sure mister, you are looking for pantyhose for your 'daughter' I've dealt with guys like you before, and aren't you dreaming a bit to think you are a Size A?"  Is she a witch? A dominatrix? A feminized man?
  • Perhaps after buying the pantyhose, walking through the mall, gets teased for the bag (Victoria's Secret? Lingerie Store?) or I end up buying the pantyhose at a mall store with an old man in a bathrobe behind the counter?
  • Is my daughter part of a coven? Would it lead me somehow to becoming her mom or sister?
Sometimes, real life can give you such great ideas for captions if you just stop to think about it.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: I'd love to hear some other suggestions for a story based off this text. Let your imagination run wild. Don't worry about choosing a picture. I want to see some awesome ideas/story lines. Flesh it out as much as you like. Perhaps I can post an exclusive (to this blog) caption based off some of your suggestions. If you'd like to post a caption based off this as well, GO FOR IT!


  1. What a tasty idea Dee. just off the cuff:

    End up buying a magic pair of nylons that change you into what you are thinking of (and of course you are thinking of your daughter!) and the twin-feminization begins.

    Bag mixup at the checkout leads you to taking a bag full of sexy lingerie (in your size) home. Wife finds out and the humiliating-feminization begins.

    Get correct nylons to daughter, but she is in a girls change room. You sneak in to give them to her, are 'found' by the feminist principal....cruel-feminization begins.

    You meet a business rival in the mall after your purchase. For some reason he can't know that you have a daughter, so you claim the nylons as your own. He doesn't believe you, and pushes you to prove it. Self-feminization begins.

    Successfully get the nylons, but input wrong school address into GPS. Arrive at local sissy school and are 'admitted'. Sissy-feminization begins.

  2. Or it could go the other way. Embarrassed you get the nylons and bring them to your daughter. As she is changing in her room you take a peak in curiosity and get caught.
    But the most surprising thing (for you) is that she has been experimenting with magic and is not really your 'daughter' anymore. What does he/she do to you for spying on her?
    Use the same spell on you or something different?

  3. Not knowing it, you buy them from a "special" store and just as you get into the car the nylons come to life and force themselves up your legs. As they ride up the legs, the rest of the body changes, creating the girl they were meant for.

    Idea 2 - the nylons turn out to be just the beginning. Phone call after phone call requires you to buy more feminine products, each one leading down a rabbit hole of femininity. The journey to get each item causes you to become feminized more and more until when you finally get to the concert, you join the daughter on stage as the new you.

  4. The stats say this post was viewed over 100 times since I posted. Lets keep them coming ladies!

    My two favorites so far are Simone's Idea 2 of the phone calls (text) continuing to feminize me, and Caitlyn's magic nylons making me a twin.

    Geofrey's thought that my daughter really isn't my daughter anymore could really explain much of the teenage years huh? I don't really want to peek at my daughter getting dressed though, and would have to find another way for the change to happen.

    See a scenario above you like? Tell us, or elaborate more on it!

  5. What if he not only bought a pair of nylons for his daughter but also for him self. In his rush to get to his daughter's school, he mistakenly gives his daughter his nylons by mistake. After the concert, she gets mad and has revenge.

  6. @ Amy

    I would take your idea and move it more towards embarrassing the dad and teasing him, instead of "revenge". Being outed would probably lead to some change in the balance of power between the two, with the threat of exposure to various people like the mom, or his work giving her a bit more leeway.

  7. OK, So I had an idea for the text but wanted to go one step further and actually caption it! So I hope you like it. ^_^

  8. @ Jenniger

    It came out really well. You also inspired Rachel to make a caption based off the text too!

    @ Everyone

    Hard to imagine all the things that can come out of that 3 lines of texting. Anyone else that reads this can certainly take a crack at this as well. I'm glad that people enjoyed my thought process, and this posting feels like my old writing exercises in the Shop Talk section of the Haven.

  9. @ Dee. Thanks! and I did? Thought she was giving all credit to the discovery of the text to you. I didn't even know she read the caption really. Glad I could direct her attention to your text though.

    But then I owe all credit for the story to you as well. ^_^

    I always thought the shop talk section was pretty fun, I've learned quite a bit from these discussions on and off of the haven. I should try to throw in my own ideas, I have few new one's I'm excited to try out and a couple I've already pulled off. ^_^