Friday, October 22, 2010

First discussion topic as suggested by commenters

Here is our first discussion topic as proposed in the posting below.

Martha said...
I always wanted to know if people have specific wished about their transformations. Some seem to know exactly how they want to look like (mostly those who would want to be permanent a woman) others (like me) don't really care or they are at least more open to changes. Like those who like the GS. You can end up as anyone, not always the hot 18 year old blonde cheerleader slut. lol. So my question would be:

Do you have a precise idea of how you'd want to look like as a woman or do you just want to be a female?

I hope that made sense.

I might have to make some admissions here so pull up a chair and let's dish!

I have no desire to be a woman in real life. Maybe 30 days so I could experience it, but definitely not for real and forever. I am pretty happy with who I am, and as everyone that knows me online as Dee, I am "Damien = Dee" in pretty much all ways other than gender (though I'm much more of a suburban punk / biker type than a goth at this point in my life.) I am not portraying some sort of over the top femme or anything like that. Dee is probably a more refined version of Damien, but in essence, there is not much difference between Dee and Damien. It is pretty much why I created Deedee, so that people can have fun with her and I can be a bimbo without the mind-fuck involved.

In general, I love looking at how I would be a different person if circumstances where different, and its why occasionally I will read animal transformation stories too, along with lots of mind control and bimbo creation fiction too.  Loss of power, change of status, swapping of roles, etc ... are all great talking points for me.

The main reason I have set my preferences a certain way is this: not everyone is incredible when making captions, so by following my guidelines, I SHOULD get a caption returned that is acceptable to me. Let me explain a bit more .. I am not fond of male genitalia in captions made for me. There are probably some people out there though that could create an INCREDIBLE caption for me that involves a few penises and me smoking (another thing I'm not fond of) and I'd LOVE the caption. However, I wouldn't want to see someone see me raving about how awesome that caption is, and then piece together something that I find hideous and creepy. I think that with what I've supplied in way of preferences and even pictures, I should expect a caption return that is in keeping with what I like. Will I accept something out of the norm is people ask? Yes, but often I will ask that they not post it to my folder.

Do I have a specific type though that I enjoy more than others? Yes. I would say shortish and curvy, with a nice size set of boobs and sexy legs. I'd prefer a few pounds overweight to waif-like thin. Fair skin with no tan. Pretty much if I *was* a female, that is what I'd like to look like anyway, as referenced by how my mom looked when she was alive and how my daughter is developing. Do I HAVE to be portrayed like that? Hell and no!

So, any other things in this topic that you'd like to discuss in the comments? How would you answer the question that Martha posed?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Discussion Ideas? I'll take suggestions

Figured I would ask around and see if people had topics in mind to discuss.

I can drone on about a myriad of topics dealing with TG captions, and if possible, I could post captions that would fit into the discussion. I consider this blog a bit of an extension of when I had the writing clinic topics in the Shop Talk section, back when I was just a writing coach.

Anything is fair game for a discussion topic, as long as it is at least tangentially related to captions and how they are created and viewed. I don't think the "behind the creative minds" part of TG captions gets enough exposure, and getting people to dish about the process can only help us further our "craft".

Even if you have never created a caption, feel free to suggest something to discuss. That point of view can be quite refreshing to someone that just often cranks out captions with little to no feedback.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Embarrassed? He's as red as his platform heels!

This is probably one of most well received captions that I've ever done. It's onto it's 2nd page of comments, 1300+ hits, and it was only posted last December. I think it struck a nerve for many people, in that it is somewhat reasonable to assume that this COULD happen. The person that it was captioned for was appreciative, though I was as well, since I'd probably not had any drive to even MAKE a caption like this if her preferences hadn't led me to it.

The picture lends itself to the story in spades, and I didn't have to drone on that much about what was going on. Here is the set-up, here is what is happening right now, and here is the plot twist that drives home all that was mentioned before. I'd like to say that I labored over this mightily, but I think it took me 10 minutes total once I found the picture.

My only negative thoughts dwell on how much degradation should be incorporated into a caption. How far is too far? I guess you could say that it probably depends on the recipient and what their threshold is.In the end, does the scenario depicted go too far if it was real life, but is fine in terms of fantasy / wish fulfillment? Please discuss .. as usual, there are no right and wrong answers to any of these discussions.