Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Pea Wee's Big Adventure

 Ask anyone who knows me, and they'll tell you that I am a pop culture junkie. I appreciate quirky things, and will recite entire scenes from old television shows, cartoons, or anything else that is rotting my brain. Some people might think its a waste of a perfectly good intellect. Nah, its who I am and I totally embrace it.

When Pea offered this picture as one she'd like captioned, I'm not sure that THIS was what she had in mind, but it practically wrote itself. All of Petra's dialog is directly from the movie (I've done this a few times over the years with different movies) and I just had to re-imagine it to fit into a TG caption mode.

Luckily, Pea loved it (well she SAID she did anyway, and that is good enough for me! I had that feeling that she would dig what I tried to do, even if it ended up an overall failure. It is another reason that you should have post in your trading area containing pictures you'd like to have captioned for you in trades. You never know how it can jog someone to make a wonderful (or offbeat) caption for you.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: If this picture was in a different person's folder, I might NOT have even attempted to caption it. Have you encountered pictures that made you say, "Dammit! If it wasn't posted in Miss Prissy Panties folder, I'd have had a much more fun time with it!" or thought about filing it away and using it for another person a few months later? We'll follow up with another pop culture caption or two in the next few weeks. Speaking of, I just gained my 42nd follower aka "the answer to life, the universe, and EVERYTHING!" Truly a DEEP THOUGHT.

PS. If there *IS* a Miss Prissy Panties out there ... I didn't mean to single you out. Drop me a note and don't be shy!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Up the Staircase Quickly

Well, I figured I would post another caption, since there seems to be one person out there that is disappointed that I haven't posted any captions in awhile (I have gotten like 1 vote for "post less like this" for all the discussion postings I've done) so I figured I would capitulate and post one.

Seriously though, if you love TG captions, why aren't you a member of Rachel's Haven yet? I think I've posted almost 1000 captions there, and there are so many talented captioners among the Havenettes that you'll never run out of stuff to look at.

I made this caption "realistic" even though it involves magic. How is it realistic, you ask? Well, first off, if someone on the street turned you into a woman, would you really be cocky and demanding, all "you change me back right now or I'll ..." Dude, she just turned you into a chick, what makes you think you have ANY power whatsoever?!? You would probably do what Jake did in this caption, run home to his wife, try to convince her of what happened, and see if she could fix things. Well, at least that is what I think. Your results may vary!

I like captions that are grounded in reality, yet have that magical nature to it. Perhaps it is comforting to think that situations exist slightly to the left of real perception? Not sure what it is, but maybe my fine readers can enlighten me!

DISCUSSION QUESTION:  How grounded in reality should "magic" TG captions be? Should it be totally realistic, except for the method of change? Should it be a total flight of fancy?  Somewhere in between?

Also, feel free to post comments in any of the other postings. This blog is not about "just the most recent posting" but an open-ended discussion.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

another insta-discussion!

When replying to something that Petra had said, I wrote something that I decided made a better topic. I will paraphrase, since I'm not sure I left it in the posting.

After viewing a good amount of captions in my lifetime, I can usually tell who made them. Doesn't work all the time, but I usually can figure it out by its design, content, theme, overall plot, and even spelling mistakes!

I've mentioned this before somewhere, but I seem to have a style that is remarkably "Dee" so that I am not particularly worried about someone plagiarizing my work. Its why I don't have a watermark of "Dee" posted on it. I think that most people I know would tell me if someone has been passing off my work as theirs.

Anyway, I think its due a recognizable style, and that leads to the discussion topic. I am hoping I can get the readers to be a bit introspective.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: How would you describe your style if you had to do so? Would others be able to say, "that caption is definitely from your brain" if they hadn't seen who it came from? What would you like to develop going forward?

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Caitlyn Masked said... It is interesting seeing how people write their caps. You write the ending to your caps last, while I generally start with the ending. When I look at the image I have chosen it is almost always at the end of the story, so I have the end situation in mind. I then work at the beginning. Once I have those two parts I try to work in some interesting details in between. Of course nothing is safe from the edit monster, but while the beginning and details change quite often, the ending almost always remains the same!

Once I had those details, I started writing. Sadly in that example I wrote much more that I originally intended to. The image was a single one that I found and not part of a series so I had to find other pictures to fill it out. I'm finding this problem more often as my cap length keeps growing. (much like this post!)

I think it was Dee that told me one day I would end up writing stories. I think that will come true as I feel I am leaving SO MUCH out of the caps that would make them better. 
Thought this would be a good start to another discussion. Kaitlyn had made mention in a previous posting that she writes her captions chronologically, and has the ending written last. Caitlyn has mentioned that she does the "Ending" then works backwards. I figured I would post what I tend to do and see if it jives with others who create.

Usually I come up with a "stinger" as MST3k would describe it (it was a snippet of dialog from the movie they had just riffed, and it was usually a very odd bit of dialog that strangely seemed to sum up the whole movie) and then work everything else around it. Kaitlyn would call it a "punchline" if it was funny:  but if not, it would be one piece of dialog or main idea that drives home the entire caption. I would say that 85-90 percent of all my captions have that "stinger" whether it is in the beginning or the end.

With that, I flesh out the story of the caption (as we've determined, I almost always have a picture before the story) based around that "stinger". Often, the stinger is near the conclusion of the caption, and other times, it can come at the beginning. No matter where it is, it will always be the focal point of the caption, and I am either elaborating on it, or building up to it. It helps to have a stinger, as if I am being too wordy, it helps to keep my eye on the goal, which would be to eliminate or consolidate anything that refers to something not related to that main idea. If I don't have enough text (which does happen from time to time) it is really easy to add some flourish to the story and pad it out.

That is the basics involved in my creative process. Of course, I don't ALWAYS follow that set course, and I've written some captions that I've thought meandered without really saying anything. Those I hope are more of an aberration, but sometimes a caption needs to be a "snapshot" in time and no resolution is needed. For me, that is what I call a "Lebowski" moment.

And yes Caiitlyn, I think I mentioned in the past that perhaps you should be making captions in Powerpoint or PDF's since you seem to really write mini-stories.

DISCUSSION QUESTION: For those that create captions, when you write, do you start at the beginning and write 'til the end? Do you start with the ending and work toward that ending? Do you create more like I do?

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Second Topic of Discussion

Jennifer said...
What about when Humiliation is featured in caps? How can you put something like that in a caption with few words, or in a long series and make sure you hit that button, and still not offend the person? I've used it as a theme in many of my caps. I've also had it used in captions made for me, expertly so in some case's. but when I roleplay the scenario the person I play with almost never can get that across. May I add, your blog is a very interesting idea and I do love to see the creative process. I notice you only have two links, but if you had more you might attract a larger audience.

Well, I tend to tread VERY lightly when using humiliation in a caption for someone else, especially someone that I do not know well. Usually I take into account how they've responded to (1) other captions made for them by others, and (2) if/how they respond to captions I've made for others. This is where people leaving comments pays huge dividends. If a person has responded well to something I've done, then I am more likely to target them in a future caption AND I have a decent guide to what they are looking for.

Preferences are even more important when working with humiliation. Not so much in what people like, but in what they DON'T like. I would rather make a relatively safe caption, then one that goes too far. I can always push the envelope in future captions for them. For instance, with Jennifer up above, I know her really well, and I'm pretty sure that I know exactly what will make her shiver and where the line is that I need not cross. I got to that point by becoming friendly, chatting in YIM, and just comments we've left for each other through the years. There should always been an open line of communication involved.

How to put across the situation in a smattering of words? I would suggest using a picture that explicitly gives a huge amount of background so that you can save on word space. Bondage pictures would imply being forced to do something, though even just having the girl on her knees or below another would show submission of some sort. A public photo would already lend itself to embarrassment scenarios. For text, it would often be better to just have dialog between the humiliated and the dominant, or the humiliated and someone that person knows. There is no real WRONG way of doing it though.

I do have more to discuss, but I am curious to see what others have to say before I elaborate more, as someone might do so more eloquently that I could.

Lastly, I thank you for thinking this blog is an interesting idea. As I've said in the past, I love creating captions and I don't think the craft gets enough attention. Its a vehicle for fantasy, but often the best captions are those that make you think, whether it is conscious or not. I'd like to think my captions appeal to more than just a prurient interest, and that the composition is done correctly, instead of just slapping some words on top of a smutty picture.