Friday, January 8, 2016

Dee's Top 10 (or so) Favorite Captions of 2015! Part Two!

I should have skipped right to part three! (full disclosure: there IS no part three!)

And now, let us continue to spotlight more of my favorite captions from 2015!

This one has a great image, and the dialog between the formerly married couple shows just how much words can hurt other people, and the new compulsions they can create. I know that most of the subject matter here in TG captions are quite fantastical, but for some reason, this one seems like it could be so grounded in a reality not too far off from our own.

This is another one of those captions that fits together so well with both the picture and the words meshing so well together. I guess you could call this a "truth in advertising" caption .. and how thin the actual line between female and other genders truly are. Much of it is just window dressing of what lay underneath. I know some people thought I was harsh, but in my opinion, much of the whole TG and Sissy oeuvre puts women, and genetic women, on a pedestal. Occasionally we need to see them as flawed creatures as well .. all of us making due with what we've been given.

I could probably just make a list of captions that I made for Lacy that were my favorites. This story, one of fighting growing compulsions and some devious acceptance, probably would not have happened if not for me discovering this image which pulled out this "forbidden" tale. I am so glad that I've yet to run out of great photo finds. I figure if/when I ever stop doing this, it would be due to a lack of pictures that inspire me to write.

This one just makes me laugh from beginning to end, where it takes a slightly ominous turn. Take a gorgeous young lady in a LBD and legs you could worship for days .. and give her a rough and gruff construction worker personality that hasn't had any edges smoothed over since her transformation. Pure culture clash and strictly comedic gold!

This last one was made in 15 minutes, as described HERE in the original post. Jezebel provided the picture, and I wrote pretty much straight onto the caption setting. her eye shadow is what lead me to the entire story, and though there were a few things I'd have changed, I'm glad I did this challenge, which in my mind, I passed with flying camouflage colors!

Of course, I didn't choose any of the infamous bench captions made throughout the year, although quite a few could've appeared in the Top 10. You can catch them all HERE!

Lastly, this one gets my "Weirdest Pop Culture TG Caption of the Year" Award. I am not sure anyone else in TG Captioning would have made a Three Stooges caption. And I think we also know WHY no other captioner would ever think to go there for a TG caption, right? You numbskulls!

And here are the Top Five captions in terms of page views (from five to one).

A Free Ride Through College  4,912 views

You Bet Your Ass This Is a Good Caption!  4,931 views

Everybody Has a Happy Place! 4,980 views

Hunger Pains Are Much Easier to Deal With! 5,147 views

Is It Still Polite To Stare at Your Own Brand New Tits  5,284 views

Well, one of my favorites of the year came up in the Top 5 viewed. Not too shabby.

So what is next for this blog and the dee-monic entity that runs it? Well, we aren't that far off from a milestone 1,000 post! Really? Yeah, really! Apparently I haven't run out of things to say!

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Any of your favorites I missed? Were my choices in line with what you thought? What things would you like to see me create that could end up in next year's list?


  1. I too really loved the caption. The sexy outfit you found combined with the caption was just inspirational. Delighted to see it made the top 10! It is a favorite of mine as well.


  2. I Have enjoyed the re visits and the trip down mammary lane.