Friday, December 13, 2013

Why Am I Asking So Many Questions?

Maybe because I don't like the answers?

After making you think last night, I figured I'd give everyone a breather, including me. We are going to get some snow tomorrow evening and both the GF and I got paid today so we went to a few stores to stock up on essentials since we hadn't done any grocery shopping in at least a week. Just getting back now and its just easier to post this caption that I believe fell through the cracks back in March.

I don't recall making this for anyone, and it doesn't seem to have been posted here as well. Last night I went through my captions folder looking for captions I made and forgot about, caption settings without text in them, and things like that. I ended up with  9 or 10 in total, and I think one of the things I might do if I get bored, or tired from shoveling, is try to finish them all. It'd also be nice if I could whip up a few new Christmas captions, but I'm not pushing myself too hard lest I make some crappy ones just to say I did. I am quite proud of the ones from last year as well as previous years, so I want to make sure I make something worthy of my past work.

Since there are 12 days left until Christmas, seems like a good enough time to start posting some Christmas music here on the blog. Forgive me if I have posted these in the past. Perhaps I just love some of these so much I have to post them again!

Here is a traditional song. My mom used to play this album every year when putting up the tree.

And now one for our unconventional followers. I remember headbanging to this one in my youth!


  1. Nice cap Dee! You can always tell when you are prolific when you stumble upon a cap that has never been posted!

    I do love a good Christmas song, but I hate to say that Barbara Streisand's Jingle Bells makes me cringe any time I hear it. I suppose that it really matters what context you hear a song in first. This song first came on my radar as I worked in a retail store. Hearing it blasted over the speakers every morning (normally around 4:30AM) made me hate it.

    As for the King Diamond ditty... well this is my first experience with it and will now always associate it with you!

    1. Sorry you got to hear it all the time. I lucked out in that by the time I stopped doing Christmas retail, they didn't play a ton of Xmas songs. I was usually working in a computer store of Electronics Boutique so they didn't have a radio playing.

      King Diamond is always a favorite as its quite cheesy evil he spouts. His concept albums in the late 80's were really good though!

  2. Love this cap Dee. I hope you are not snowed in...

    xoxoxo Katie

  3. So you don't know why all these things are happening to you? Well, think for a moment all your wishes for the last several years. Oh YES! I always wished to become a beautiful female. So it is finally happening! Thank you so much Miss Dee!

    1. And thanks for commenting on a caption from almost 9 years ago!