Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Making of a Classy Chassis!

Why not go back to the days when the classic cars were actually regular transportation?

Made this caption for a newbie at the Haven, Molly Marshall, who is an older caption trader. When I heard that, I remembered a photo I snagged a few weeks back of a naked girl in a vintage car, which I believe is a fastback. Since you see the model from behind as well, she could also be considered a fast back model I'd love to ride!

I figured it would be great to have a time travel caption that went back to the 1970's, and I tried to give it that sort of feel, mentioning streaking and hot guys in vans. Back then, it wasn't creepy for a dude to ride around in a windowless van with a mattress in it. Many times he might have even had a porn star mustache. Awww, those lovable, simpler times in the 70's!

Anyway, I was going to post the rest of my "best of 2015 captions" but I figured I would break it up with a new caption posting, PLUS I want to know what type of car the model is posing in. The windows are really throwing me off. I am pretty sure it isn't a mustang of any sort, and I don't think it was made by AMC either. Of course, I want regular caption comments, but if you have a good idea at what sort of car this is, please tell me in the comments! I am really curious!

DISCUSSION QUESTION: So, if you were in Maxwell's shoes, which car and time frame would you want to be a teenage girl in? Of course, having a bit of a back story would help when you answer this in the comment section!

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  1. I thought the ad said "A Hatch back" Damn it well just call me Quasimodo oh the bells the bells!