Sunday, March 4, 2018

Something's Slightly Off .. Guess It's Time to Take a Powder!

An office is just like Animal Farm. Everyone is equal. Some are MORE equal than others!

When I find something I like from the "only" series of websites, I often have Sarine (Belladonna from Fictionmania) in mind to receive one. I think this might be taking the #metoo hashtag a bit overboard, but whenever you can put the high-heeled shoe on another person's foot, you do it!

It's got some of my favorite things like compulsions, a twist at the end, and of course, luscious pantyhosed legs! All of which I think Sara enjoys too! Many of you here like the same things.

Been an interesting weekend. A bit under the weather, and we had a nasty Nor-easter tear through the region. Went to see one of my favorite performers in a small venue, without any video screens, costume changes, or production stage extras. In fact, her played only his own tunes, and a few covers so you could really understand the genius of the man, 'Weird Al' Yankovic. Each set on the tour is completely different, and only the last song of the set, and the encore has remained the same for the 6 shows he's done so far. The band is incredibly tight; each member has been with him for at least 32 years at this point. Lots of fun and I want him to do this again in a few years.

Noticed things slowing down here* on the blog once again, just as my life is getting busier. Last year was the same story. Not entirely sure what to do about it. There has to be a balance between energy spent and engagement with everyone to justify that push to create and produce enjoyable content. I was trying to break through the slog that happened last year and the momentum at least got me to the beginning of March this time. Perhaps it is just a bit of a hiccup or the 'endless winter drudgery' wears people down at this point in the year. We shall see.

* = Wednesday's post, which contained TWO captions has not even reached 1k views, while the post afterwards already has twice as many with most of this post being written on Saturday night.


  1. That was cute - just the right about of bimbo to make it a happy ending for all!

  2. Time is not fixed your well age slower on your knees under a desk. So who's the dummy?
    Maybe it is just the winter lethargy. Role on the sugar rush of Easter.

  3. I feel like I'm stalking via comment, but I agree with you regarding the compulsions and the set up here. Lovely image and a great story (as always). I find myself wondering what happens when she ventures beyond the workplace, how she interacts with the world at large. Does she know that she has lowered intelligence? Is she mortified at her lack of ability to think things through or is she resigned to it and assuming that all is well? How does she pronounce IV? Is it "eye-vee", "iv" or "fourth"? What would that translate to in terms of menus or the like?

    It brings to mind a story I read a long time ago about mind control, I think the author weas Mistress Dyvia but I could be wrong, where the subject was hypnotised to believe that wearing a pair of glasses made all words look like the name of the mistress. This meant that they couldn't see any words other than their mistress's name and were unable to order things at a restaurant or read a bus timetable, they were totally reliant on the mistress. And they knew and knew it wasn't really real but they couldn't break it. That feeling, that knowledge that one could break through but choosing not to... that's the thing.

    Also, I suspect my random viewing binge won't redress (ha) your numbers too much, but we can hope.