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And now to the fun part! I haven't done a DIY Challenge in quite some time, apparently February of 2018, was the last time I offered it. Since it's Christmas of a shit-astic year, why not try to bring some cheer into the last vestiges of perhaps the worst year ever .. 2020! So here is a caption setting .. and a sentence that must be included in the caption, "We'll she'd (or she's) done it this time!"

There's two ways you can play this as well. Either download the caption setting .. unfortunately this was something I started last year and never finished .. and make your own caption, perhaps you can cut the picture out and use your own backgruond. OR you can submit your own write up and leave it in the comment section of my page, "Latest DIY" and I WILL MAKE YOUR CAPTION FOR YOU!

Isn't that a great Christmas Present for anyone that decides they want to make something but, doesn't have the necessary graphic design skills to make it happen? Well, there is NO EXCUSE NOW!

Want to star in this caption? Well, now you can! All I ask is that you don't make it TOO LONG. 150-200 words is probably plenty .. more than that and it'll be a tiny font, and who wants to read that? It's not an issue if it isn't very long .. that's what SHE SAID .. because I can make the fonts bigger or fancier. I will edit for content / clarity / grammar if need be, but it'll still be YOUR STORY!

Deadline is Sunday, December 13th at midnight EST.


    HI Dee I hope this is ok. I left it vague at the end but hope the hot Elizabethan lesbo sex is implied?

  2. Here´s my submission:

    *My girlfriend needed a model for a competition. Knowing me, she asked me. I was reluctant at first, but she easily convinced me to do this for her.

    Even the first time she practiced on me, I was amazed at the results she achieved. I did not find a trace of the man I was… I loved it.
    The next month I only saw my male clothes in the closet. If it’s up to me they stay there.

    The day of the competition my girlfriend excelled, as did my excitement, which she took care of, leaving me in a state of bliss.
    Sadly, she came in second with me as her creation. It was a close call, but a girl named Simone won. Her creation, a Goth girl, inspired by the times Europe was ruled by strong nautical nations, was amazing.
    I envy Damien’s little schooner, but seriously, not having to wear a ruff, is worth not winning.*

    I hope Miss Simone doesn´t mind I wrote her into your DIY, and I hope I didn't stray to far of your preferences, the way I wrote you into this.

  3. Hi Dee... I'll take a shot at this...

    "OK, son, I get it that you want to get an A in Ms. Mentia's Art History class... this looks like a very swanky party. Quite the society bash. But did you know before you signed yourself - and me - up, that she was a sorceress?"

    "Well, kinda Dad. She's also a little paranoid around her male students. She's also narcissistic."

    "Thus the bewitching portrait behind us. So what's the point of turning us into women?"

    "That's her way of imparting to me and the other guys in my class that in order to understand art, you have to get in touch with your feminine side. And she really thanks you for pitching in after Ronnie McGary fell ill."

    "Well, I didn't expect to ever say this - but - I think we look pretty cute in these LBD's. Maybe women do have a better grasp on what life is really all about. Say, I don't see Ms. Mentia here. I wanted to thank her."

    "You'll see her at the after-party at her house, Mom. We have to actually leave in about 10 minutes. Don't forget to change into your maid's outfit before we leave."

    "Sure thing honey.... maid outfits?"

  4. With a flick of her wrist, Amy crossed off the last name on her list. Her powers where always a hand in setting the world right, and a shy quite man had no rights to being male.

    Amy's pub was always full of a range of people, and most managed to pull a crowd. Only when the shy ones visited did it impair business, unwilling to drink, socialise or dance all because they where not man enough to speak out.

    It was then, that Amy invited them behind doors, as a "loyal customer".

    Amy smiled as Claire was revealed in front of her. Gone was the once shy male, and Claire stood before her. Beautiful. Shy. But that was alright for her. The new waitress was sure to draw heads.

    Amy smiled. Her world was right once again.

    Plus she loved watching the new girls struggle in heels.

  5. Here's my DIY entry. I hope I got your and Felicia's prefs correctly. I Know I hit mine;)

    *Felix and Harm were curators when a lifelike painting was brought into the museum they worked at. It was a magnificent piece of art, that appeared to be an ancient Greek woman. Maybe a goddess.

    What was truly amazing, was that the painting was about 11,500 years old. Thus it was created way before the Greek had anything that resembled a civilization. Could Plato have been right?

    Both were examining the picture when a vapor rose from the small dish the woman held, and filled the room.
    When the room cleared again, the men were gone, and in their place were standing two women.

    While she still knew she was Harm before, Helena felt free from the shackles of manhood. She knew this was who she was supposed to be.
    Felix however was very embarrassed to find himself in the body of a woman. And his embarrassment caused him to change even further. He shrank. While he towered 4 inches over Harm, he was already shorter. He could only hope his shrinking would stop before his dress was also knee length.

    From the picture they could hear a laughter. They now knew it was a goddess from Atlantis. The Earth Mother Dee Mentia, and they knew they would do her bidding. Helena would do it willingly, while Felix clung to the hope of becoming a man again if he did.*

  6. DIY (in back ground banging on door Chrissie Chrissie hurry up in there )
    Chris was upset at first after catching the fem virus and at the time it took to get his new body ready in the mornings.
    But now he wonders why women ever leave the bathroom, Yep just got to exfoliate these two beauties again !

  7. Current Deadline is July 31st. Anything below this will be for the Mask DIY.

  8. "Your card is six of clubs"
    "No eight of diamonds" Mike was pleased with his own expert slight of hand that had scuppered Katie's trick.
    "What I know I performed it correctly !"
    "Sorry sis. Guess you should stay as my assistant and eye candy and let the real talent work his stuff."
    Katie bit her tongue at her smug brothers remark. she knew he had cheated, She knew because like all the females in the family she was a witch and could read his mind. Dam this world where she had to keep her talents hidden.
    "OK maybe your right. I've got one more trick. if this does not work I well not try again."
    Sigh "OK one more"
    "Put this blindfold on"
    Mike tied the flimsy lace around his eyes.
    "Can you see anything?"
    "No." he lied,
    "This trick well change the blindfold into a mask that well hide you,,,,,,"
    Mike was trying hard not to laugh as he could see through the hazy lace his sister consult a book and wave her arms and contort herself as if in a dance to the chant she uttered,
    Then he felt hot ,strange even scared his whole body seemed to buzz. Katie was talking to him now.
    "I have worn a mask I am all ways hidden you now have a mask and well always be hidden. Marie is your mask,,,"
    "Jez thought Marie she is going for it ! Oh the life of a stage magicians assistant", with a huge flourish she removed the outer mask and curtseyed as to the audience.

    Hope this is not to long and you can make it fit

  9. Current Deadline is September 14th. Anything below this will be for the Pink Lady DIY.

  10. Deborah Waller was once again well on her way to becoming Victoria secrets saleswoman of the year.
    She could sell ice to Inuit's or sand to Saudi's.
    When Carl had opened the door to her that morning he had had know idea just how much he needed
    a pink bra and panty set or indeed a silk wrap, make up and wig.
    It had been a hard sell but Deborah never left with out a sale.
    P S I put Victoria's secret as the company in UK we have Ann Summers who are more sales and party planners for ladies intimates but not sure if that name travels feel free to substitute a more popular name if you know one.

  11. JAMES "Hey Alex, do you want to tell Jessica to put some clothes on? I mean she looks like she is enjoying herself, but does she even know we are here"
    ALEX"Maybe not James, I mean he really did annoy me when he went on about how dumb Amanda is. I think that David deserves becoming the school bimbo Alexis.I mean it will distract from Amanda, she is really quite smart."
    JAMES "Look I don't know, I think that Amanda is just as smart as her hair colour. A bimbo if ever I saw one. Look I'm telling her to put some clothes on."
    ALEX "whatever. Your funeral"
    JAMES " Jessica, I really think you should put some clothes on"
    JESSICA " But Jamesy, it's like so fun and it like feels so good. Don't you like my black lingerie. Does it reveal enough of my boobies. Please don't make me put clothes on, it just feels so good"
    SOPHIE " like Don't worry Jessica, I love my pink bra. And you are like, so right. My boobies feel soo good. I like really wish the boys at school could see them...
    ALEX "I really wished you listen to me Sophie. Oh well. 2 school bimbos are better than 1. Come on girls its time to go to school"
    SOPHIE "You like mean we can go like this?"
    ALEX "of course, I'm sure the guys will love the view ....
    P.s. Just a note, the character names don't have to be there. Maybe if you used a colour for each character

  12. Current DIY CHALLENGE will end on October 15th at Midnight PST. Leave your entries below!


    Andrea’s team had created Profem for the benefit of transwomen, as an alternative to hormones and surgery. It had never been intended for use by women.
    Andrea told herself she had taken it because it was inevitable that women would try it.
    So far, it was working better than Andrea had ever guessed it might.
    And her plans to go out clubbing, and try to pick up a man (or woman) half her age? Well, how better to judge how well the drug had worked … ?


  14. "Hey babe wanta fuck ?" pout flutter eyes "No no"
    His big mouth had got him cursed.
    "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you pleased to see me?,,,, Oh Jeez."
    "Giggle Hi sweetie I'm Tammy you like what you see" wiggle.
    If he's not laid by midnight he well be stuck as Tammy.
    Little did he realise with the body and clothes the magic had provided
    Tammy would not even have to say a word.
    "I'm Horney can you help?"
    But Tony never could learn to shut up.

  15. Here is the starting point for the DIY CHallenge ending on October 31st at midnight PST.

  16. Here is the starting point for the DIY Challenge ending on November 23rd at midnight PST.

  17. Lights, shimmering in their unnatural beauty called to Sebastian. The soft, constant, pulsing putting every mind at ease. Appearing as docile any stage prop on Dees stage.
    Yet as Sebastian grasped the lights a soft blue glow filled the room. With every pulse, their alluring capabilities were transferred to the man. Soft hair, petite feet and a beautifully made up face to attract any moth or man all encased in delicate nylon and smooth fabric. The electric pulses sending shivers up the former mans spine. Who know possessed every inch of allure that the artefacts possessed.
    Yet this newfound beauty was clearly fought by the anger of the man, directed towards the one individual who seemed to know what was happening. Dee. Yet as the flashing continued the face softened, remembered its purpose.
    After all, Sophie had a job to do, and not many guys liked an angry girl on stage, and she just loved working for Dee

  18. Here is the starting point for the DIY Challenge ending on New Year's Eve, December 31 at midnight PST.

  19. Nicola was a statuesque, blonde beauty with long, sinewy legs.

    Carl was smitten with her but figured he was at least an inch shorter than she and was sure he was not her type. He kept asking her basketball teammates about her though. They would just giggle, roll their eyes and agree with Carl that he was barking up the wrong tree. One day, though, one presented him with a compact, told him that it might give him a chance with "Nickie" after all and warned him not to open it until he was in private. "Make your wish and go to the LADIES' locker room NOW," she told him.



    "I want to be Nicola's type!" he wished fervently as he ducked into the locker room that he knew was forbidden him, and opened the compact.

    What all of Nicola's teammates knew was that, in the sheets, "Knick" or "K-Bitch" as she was known among them, was enthusiastically butch. They could have told Carl that her type was a meek, petite femme. Looking at the compact mirror he saw just such a girl looking back. Rather than growing a couple of inches he lost them (in more than one way). Now-naked Knick had her arms raised to tie her hair into a ponytail. She smiled and, swaggering over, asked the trembling girl before her "What's your name, Baby?"


    "Carla, huh? That's a pretty name!" Knick found the stammer very charming and quite the turn-on.

  20. I have just about caught up on the million caption posted over the months i was AWOL.So time for the latest D I Y.
    Ted was getting himself ready of New Years Eve. He knew the parties tonight would bring many drunk women out and plenty of opportunity to cheat on his long suffering wife.
    As he admired him self in the mirror he suddenly screamed in shock as two faces appeared behind him. One an old lady wrinkled and stooped the other young and beautiful.
    Pulling him self together he turned.
    "Who the ..... are you?"
    "I am the spirit of the old year." crocked the old woman.
    "And i am the spirit of the new year." Cooed the younger one.
    Ted did know how but he knew they spoke the truth.
    "W What you want with me?"
    (old) I have seen you do bad things.
    (young) Bad things..........And I get the chance to to make ...corrections.
    (Ted) Corrections? What th..........
    Ted could not breath or see. He fell to his knees. The clock was chiming midnight as he regained
    his thoughts. The cackling laughter of the old woman faded away only the younger of the two was with him now.
    (young) Ted, no Tina I well be watching you, this year you well spend in female form and learn to respect women.
    {ted} No F+++ING way bitch.
    (young) Oh and suck a cock every week.
    {ted) i won't do do it.
    (young) Suck a cock every day....
    (ted) What.. you b... He decided to quit there.
    (young) Good girl
    ted picked up a compact and started to ready himself for the rest of the night. the young woman started to fade away.
    (ted) Hey just one thing. i thought you were a dude, you know father time.?
    (young) No the spirit of the year is very much female. Bad luck buddy. (Fading laughter)

  21. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending January 31, 2015 at midnight PST.

  22. {d)Are you ok princess?
    (p)Yes Dee.. i just had the strangest feeling come over me. i was in here looking for that cute mini dress you said i should wear. but i found a load of hardcore porno mags in this little dresser....women humiliated and(shudder)
    i don't know why i thought i had seen them before. and... just so horrid they made me horney i can't stop thinking about being those women.
    (d) Oh those they belonged to my ex boyfriend he had pretty low respect for women and was always on at me to do thoses things i got so angry with him.
    (p) he sound like an awful man. erm should i chuck them out?
    (d) oh yes do that
    Dee smiled as she watched princeess gather the magazines from the draw and pretend to throw them out although she really smuggled them into her room. all was going to plan princess, her transformed ex Peter.well now obsess over those images and become the slut he wanted Dee to be. it won't me long before Dee can bring peter around again to meet princess.

  23. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending February 20, 2015 at midnight PST.

  24. Ron had know idea how long he had spent contorted in the box, maybe days head bent down in the dim airhole light staring at his deminished crotch.
    Why they past him between themselves in this mannor he knew not, proberly just for more humiliation and a reminder that he was just a package,a thing to be used and punished for thier amusement.
    The noise and the cold his only clues, maybe airfrieght? He had an idea who his next tormentor might be. Alaska and Connine,the instigater and cruelest of them all. Head of the soroity he had cheated his way through.
    She had taken his freedom and manhood. Now qualfied and spread across the states living thier sucsessfull lives the girls still liked to share thier victim.

  25. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending March 28, 2015 at midnight PST.

  26. Like OMG I swear it was like this big ! Gee I had to struggle with it for ages before I could get it in.(Giggle)
    Brians Ex Rosie sighed she loved him and had not wanted this. Brain was such a keen fisherman he would be away at a river, lake or at sea every weekend. Rosie had found the hypnotic fem download and put it on his Ipod
    she had hoped he would emphasis more with her and spend more time at home. To her horror the suggestions were way stronger than she expected within weeks Brian had become Barbie the cock hungry Bimbo.
    Some thing had not changed though he would still exaggerate the size of his catch. Mind you by the way Barbie had walked in and now stood prehaps this latest boyfriend would be worth getting to know.

  27. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending April 26, 2015 at midnight PST.

  28. Hi Dee havig said there was lots of scope i got stuck. lol but got something now. not to cryptic i hope.

    Cyndi- You of somewhere Sami ?
    Sami- Sh** ! Erm, no erm just stretching.
    C- That's a good idea I well join you.
    I'm so glad that you transferred to our college from Lingley and to our cheer squad.
    You are so strong and great for our lifts. Must be hard for you today as we are playing
    against them though ?
    S- No ...,Hey I'm a Elton college g,,,girl now, Yeah !
    C- Should be a good game but Lingley are a lot weaker now their captain quit. Strange that.
    S- Quit ?
    C- Yes..just sent a letter to quit the scholarship, Hey our gain.
    S- A Letter! I didn't Erm I mean I didn't know.
    C- Well don't forget to keep your eyes open, We think it was somebody from Linley that was
    spying on our squad, or maybe trying to nobble our players. Its a good job he was spotted.
    A shame he got away, I don't know how, I mean the whole college was out looking.
    What a day, Do you remember?
    S- Erm.
    C- Yes a strange day what with that and the thief steeling some of our clothes! Even stole
    make up and some of Lucy's hair extensions . Weird ! But It was the day we first meet.
    Gee I remember, We found you wandering about looking so lost and flustered. Well I've helped
    you with that transfer got you on the cheer squad. And you were such a tomboy but
    look at you now?
    S- Yes...look at me !
    C- Well nearly kick of time, lets go give the boys their good luck kisses.
    I think Chad has his eye on you.
    S- What! No I don't think I can.....
    C- OH Chad's great, I mean we all though he was gay but I told him all about you.
    Don't worry I well soon have you Cheering for that team to. Won't I ?

  29. I don't want to miss two DIY's in a row, but as obligations in RL leave me with very little time to do the things I like I put my submission here:

    *“I asked you to help me with the hurdles. How is dressing me as a cheerleader going to help?”

    “Oh, it´s not only dressing up, you’re actually going to cheer practice.”

    “You must be joking.”

    “Have you ever seen these girls jump? If you can do that, these hurdles will be peanuts.”

    “I’m still not convinced Dee”

    “Just go with the flow”

    “I’ll be the laughing stock of the school.”

    Harm proved to be quite good during the cheer practice, but he never won a hurdle race again.

    Though it has to be said, as cute as he looked jumping the hurdles in a cheer outfit, got him the best sponsor contract ever.*

  30. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending May 31, 2015 at midnight PST.

  31. "Jason! I had Grandma's room locked for a reason! How could you... oh wow, you did a great job making up you face! Where did you learn to do that?"
    "At college, Dad. And based on the open jars of blush, the more modern dresses and lingerie in the closet, and the breast forms on her bed, it looks like you turned her room into your personal transformation salon. I guess you did this after your divorce and after Grandma passed away?"
    "You are correct son. And I haven't dressed in drag since college. I guess that trait runs in our family."
    "And I'm sorry I'm such a snoop, but this letter from Ramon, addressed to Gloria, Wow, so my dad is sometimes my mom, and based on the passion he described in his letter, I might end up with a stepdad!"
    "You never know honey. I never thought I'd be the cause of a man's arousal, or he for me."
    "Well, I also dabbled in dating. His name was Austin, and he really made me... gosh..."
    "Sounds like I might have a daughter, and another emerging lady in this house. Tell you what, Jessica... we have the same build and are likely the same dress size. Let's get pretty, and have a girls day out. Then I'll call Ramon, and you call Austin, and we'll double date."
    "I don't know what excites me more... bonding with you, Mom, or the thought of us with our guys..."

    DEE: I may still expand on this on my own, but we'll see. :) Thx

  32. Dean- Yes! got it. here I come Brad, Sis your going down.
    Sally spied on her elder brother as he put the make up on took it of and re applied in order to perfect that girly look. She smiled a cruel smile. looking good bro I recon I lose again,
    Dean and Sally never got on the fought over everything. Dean loved nothing more than to beat or belittle his sister he would become obsessed, possessed even and went all out. Sports, games, school tests, even that dam eating chow down he had to win. And f*** it he always did. But now her plan was in motion.
    An of hand remark "Well at least she could date the hottest guy in school, Brad. She would beat him at that ha ha"
    " Well that's dumb! I'm a guy" he dismissed but Sally knew how to push Deans buttons. Over the week, No went to I could if I wanted to and now a month later this, watching Dean fix his make up, he was shaven smooth all over. and now let down his hair that he was growing out and styled with tongs. Jeez he had spent more time in the mall than her buying makeup and dress shopping oh and that manicure (laugh)His friends and Mum and Dad were all quite perplexed. Sally watched again as he went over to the bed slipped of his shirt and pants, man her was in tights panties and bra! and picked up one skirt then a dress oh what's a girl to wear, HE knew Brad would be out on his own tonight and Danni
    was ready to claim him.
    Sally text Brad, He's on "HER" way. Thanx.
    Yes looks like she would loose again,. Great. Her forfeit his chores for life. Sally did not mind she had a bigger prize in mind. Brad had told her ages ago he was gay and had the hots for Dean. He agreed to string Deans alter ego Danni along for weeks, months years if needs be before he could claim to win the bet.
    Why? because Dean was going to be so tied up wooing he was neglecting the other on-going bet The one and only college place Mum and Dad could afford. Sure she would lose a battle but the war that was going well.
    And she would be sure to claim his forfeit the loser had to work to aid the winner till they graduated,
    Hey Brads folks ran a bar they always needed pretty waitresses.

    Sorry Dee a short snappy caption got away from me again. break out the Ian font !

  33. Alright! The deadline has passed for the May 2015 DIY Challenge!

  34. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending June 30, 2015 at midnight PST.

  35. Nurse Dee was used to male patients that would flirt or get handsie (is that a word?) But Tony in room seven was the worst. He would never miss an opportunity for a sexist remark.
    " I know you girls always have an itch that needs scratching." he said while grabbing his crotch.
    All the nurses hated it. So when Tony was wheeled back asleep she set about her plan.
    First she shaved his body all over then applied make up and a wig firmly glued. She then gave to injections on his chest which soon produced two B cup breast with very sensitive nipples. Wrapping a bandage around the new buds she laughed as she sprinkled itching power inside. The plaster cast took time but left his arms immobile.
    Tony awoke and was alarmed that he could not move and the horrid discomfort on his chest.and "what"? the curvy shape. The tingling was driving him crazy. And "oh jeez!" how his nipples itched. He was desperate to scratch. "Help" he cried out and was pleased to see nurse Dee enter, however her cruel smile made him worry.
    Dee had returned to complete the lower half and around the head so he could not talk. She carried bandages and plaster. panties and lots more itching powder to fill them with.
    Later she left the room to go alter "Tammi's records, she could keep him here for months.
    There would be one girl very desperate to have her itch scratched.

    240 (ish) words I am trying !

  36. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending July 31, 2015 at midnight PST.

  37. i finally hit on a caption today after a couple of false starts. its great when an idea that works just comes out the blue.
    Dawn (d) F*** f*** f***! Oh my god what have we done? what are we going to do? I'M so busted.
    bff= Perhaps he won't notice.
    d= What ! Won't notice my brother Steve is now my sister. He's got tits and no dick! I think he well twig.
    Damn it we should never have messed with Mom's spell book.
    bff= He should not have been spying on our sleep over.
    d=I think he ony came down to raid the fridge...Oh jeez, think quick i can't find a reversal spell.
    Got to buy some time...hide his new assets...erm Hand me that plastic wrap...if we try and bind the tits and arse, get him dressed and onto his bed...
    bff= Yes if we plead ignorance maybe he well think its your mom or something.
    (Wrap...panic squish)
    what about his wiener ? Dudes always grab that first when they wake up !
    d= erm is there a sausage in the fridge?
    No...A cucumber,,,to big
    Shit hurry give me that marker pen (scrible)
    Why are you wrapping his arm?
    bff What oh (panic)
    d= OH no he's waking up! (Grabs ice cream tub. trys to look inocent)
    d= Hi Steve..Erm how you doing? Everything OK?
    STEVE= I don't feel so good..What happened...why cant i voice,,,
    d= You look fine...Just grabbing some munchies see ya (runs out)
    Steve What the ARGH DAWN !

  38. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending Monday, August 31, 2015 at midnight PST.

  39. Chrissi(c) Yes ! I've done it I made the weight Mom
    Mom (m) Well done Chrissi. I hope all this has taught you a valuable lesson?
    C- Oh Jezz yes I'm sorry for how I was, Please change me back now, back to your son let me be Chris again.
    M- Well lets see.
    C- Mom! OK OK, You made me look and act like a woman because I said it was easier being female, i know that's not true now.
    You made me overweight because i made fun of my sister's weight and because of my male view of female body image.
    m- Go on
    c- You made me diet to teach me how hard it is to be that image, (Shudder) i never want to see a salad again.
    I've done all the chores and house work because i said that was for women And i was lazy.
    m= Your sister and i have enjoyed that, And?
    c - And,,,And you....You made me beg,,,Made me beg you to magic away my Dick (sob)
    m Why?
    c= Because..I was an arrogant macho pig and needed to learn humility. And i just could not lose those last few ounces.
    M= I well confess that was part of my spell i knew you would get desperate.
    C- Yes i must still work on my inpatients.(Sigh) Now please Mom. please I well be good, please turn me back.
    M- All very important life lessons. But, there is still one more lesson to learn.
    C= What! W whats that..?
    m= Disappointment, Diner a six, carry on.

  40. Here is the starting point for the next DIY Caption Challenge ending Monday, September 30, 2015 at midnight PST.

  41. mom(m) Cindy where are you girl? hurry it up.
    Back in the kitchen of the cafe Sid cringed at the sound of his fem name and being referred to as "girl" Despite his made up face and pig tailed long blonde hair and the very noticeable feminine assets budding on his chest displayed in the hideous pink waitresses uniform, it was a very desperate and angry young man that teetered on the towering high heels.
    Cindy (c) Where can she have put it? she said it was here under my nose.
    IT had all been so good till the last drop. his small scale drug selling,this was the next step up a packed brief case to bag and distribute, return the profits to the local don.with a tidy profit for himself. he had panicked when he heard the police were asking for him,He went to his moms cafe to stash it , the dump was failing and made no profit so was quite.
    a few days later, he returned but his white powder panacea was gone.
    m- lost something Sid his mom had questioned from behind.
    c- mom! give it back, you know what it is ? you well get me killed.
    m- oh yes i know. what have you gotten in to? the police asking questions and the owner of that case well want answers to? as do i.
    there was a long shouting match but without the goods Sid was screwed, the police, the mob and his mom held his fate from now on. prison, death or his moms solution. He had opted for the solution but now wondered if the other options would have been better.
    The solutions, his punishment, rehabilitation and disguise form the Dons henchman, Cindy.
    m- Cindy get your pretty tush out here Now! Do you want another spanking?
    There were cheers and loud laughter form the cafe. Sid shuddered his moms spankings were carried out in front of all the customers.
    The cafe was doing great business now. Moms special coffee was a huge hit. and all Sid's tormentors now drank there. the cops on one side the mob thugs on the other.
    Sid grabbed the special coffee mix and hurried out as fast as the six inch nightmares would let him. He emptied the coffee into the machine and under mums watchful eye grabbed a tray to go clean tables and try and dodge the roving hands and butt slaps.
    mom watched Cindy by the time the special mix ran out she would be debt free and even some left over for Cindy's college fees. Hair dressing that should keep her out of trouble.
    ****(Dee you could cut it here)******
    m- there you go officer coffee good til the last drop.
    (officer) glad to see "Sid's keeping out of trouble, well done
    m- there you go Sir coffee good til the last drop
    (thug) Still no sign of your son, You well tell me if he dares show up.
    m- oh i don't think he well be about ever again.
    hi Dee this is the third edit i do try, but as i marked the last twist can be cut as i am very sure I,ve given you enough words.

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  44. OK Dee;
    I Knew about all the new medical science going into stem cell research but this is fantastic I was an over weight short white male balding with a bad back and hips that wore glasses. Now after 6 weeks of stem cell injections Look at me now, I am a tall skinny Latino with a full head of hair and perfect eye's, now I know some would say I am not looking at the hole picture but I am not only I am in great shape and best health of my life but I am a sexy Woman the only thing wrong is I have average boobies, maybe if I keep doing these mirror leg stretches that extra fat in my baby making hips will go to my breasts. UM wait if I find a guy and get pregnant then my boobies will grow. Now if the guys that are stairing at me across the gym will pick up their jaws and come help me down then we can get to baby making business.

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