Friday, March 2, 2018

Never Agree to Disagree with Dee!

Yup, one of those "If only we could see eye to eye" type of captions, but not really. Confused?

Well, I made this caption for Nadine, once again as a caption donation towards the Haven upkeep. Nadine supplied the picture, and I originally went at it as that "seeing eye to eye" in solving a bit of an argument, but as I went deeper into it, I got more romantically charged. I wanted to develop a bit of a roller coaster through the dialog and I hope I succeeded in giving it a bit of a woosh!

As per her response, "Thank you very much for this great caption. Your kind words are touching and motivating. You too have been a good friend to me all those years at the Haven and have been a good motivator and inspiration in captioning."

That's good enough for me! How was it for you? Let me know in the comment section if Dee let Henri off the hook a bit. The people who enjoy the size changes, where a big guy goes to a petite woman and then interacts on that level .. I can understand why they love seeing it played out in a caption format! Works for me too!

Why am I posting so early? Well, New England is getting pummeled by a nasty Nor-easter that isn't really bringing snow, but 60-80 MPH winds and lots of rain (Thank goodness it's 42 out right now!) so I am not sure if we'll have electricity through the rest of the night .. plus I've got a few events going on so I figured I'd get this up while I could here at work.


  1. "One should always fall in love with the person not the body." Well that's what some ugly sage once said.

  2. Compounded hawtness!!! Great cap!

  3. Beautiful caption, Dee. One can even get a glimpse of the emotions lurking in the background. I believe any couple in the world would try this if they suddenly had the opportunity.