Saturday, January 9, 2016

Abducted! Changed! Hot Damn!

I really need to hire better minions .. and not those little yellow twinkie guys this time!

Back again, and I hope you are too! People went all missing during the middle of the week here and at other people's blogs too. I thought we told you that you weren't allowed to have real lives!

Made this caption for another newbie, Bustyatheart, who wouldn't you know it, likes to be represented in caption for as having a large chest. The captioners at the Haven certainly have no trouble fulfilling that request. That perk is definitely something that makes me enjoy creating captions, and then admiring the models and their lovely cleavage.

The idea behind this one was where the amount of masculinity would determine how feminine the transformed turned out, so the bigger the dick, the bigger the breasts, etc ... It is also supposed to be the basis of how deep the vagina will be after SRS .. the larger the schlong, the more room you'll have for insertion, so technically if you were well hung, then you'll have more vag to play with, at least according to one of my trans friends, who apparently is NOT very well endowed at all.

Not sure if I implemented it well enough into the caption, but I think the picture could certainly compensate for any lack of skill of mine. The other twist is that he would not have been changed if the villain had guy henchmen, or at least straight women! Oh well, you take what you can get when it comes to good help!


  1. I think the gist of the caption came over fine.
    It is a problem for super villains, where do you hire good henchman and henchwomen these days? there is and Minion's'R'Us but both disappointing. The site BigHardMen4hire is not what you think it is as i found out to my cost, I still have to use a cushion to sit !

    1. This comment made my weekend! Thanks Ian!