Thursday, February 15, 2018

Aww Mom, It's Bad Enough I'm Wearing Panties!

Sometimes, it just isn't your day. Turning into a girl can be such a chore! Guest caption included!

This was a return trade caption with Felicia Hextus, with the theme being panties, something we can all get behind, and in front, and inside. That are about as many ways to make a TG caption involving them as there are varieties of panties themselves. She called it, "A Pair of Panties for Each Day of the Week!" and "It's all about that underwear this time. From Saturday on, I'll post a caption in which panties play a specific role to whomever replies here. That means, quite logically, that this offer is for seven people." I ended up with Wednesday, and here is what she posted for me:

She snuck up on me and posted it a day earlier than I thought, probably because she was busy for Valentine's Day. I actually had a bit of time on VD, so I dove into the panty pile of photos I had to come up with something fitting for Felicia, caption and intimate apparel wise.

I loved the model's body, but I just adored the look on her face and the pose she is giving, like "Do I HAVE to .. ?" Just such a petulant smirk of disbelief that I had to use it. From there, I pretty much set it up like if my daughter was originally my son and had also just come home from school having been turned into a girl. The overall picture gave me the frame of mind for the character, that she wasn't too happy about being changed, but is slowly coming around to some of the niceties of assuming the fairer sex's trappings. "I've only become a girl, but I still have to keep up with the rest of the 'other' girls," is a reality, and who wants to not look their best?

I'm also proud of the line, "I'm a complete girl now. With all the bits and bumps that make me so." Its got a certain poetic ring, and its a charming way to think about what has happened to her. Plus it sets up her mother's response very nicely.

So it is another playful caption, which seems to be the theme this week. I have not been in a nasty mood, so truly evil fans wait a week or two and that might be back. Looking at what will be posted soon, a few more playful ones, a more wistful 1980's return to cold war time warp caption, and a few twists and turns seem to be coming down the pike.

Due to weather and illnesses to family members, I am not going to be traveling this weekend. We shall see if that translates into increased captioning time. Hopefully it does, because I start my usual part time 2nd job on Tuesday which runs through to the income tax deadline, and I am also taking on ANOTHER part time job next week, working with a friend on a digital expansion of his core business .. so I plan to be running around much of the time, hopefully to put a bit of extra money in the purse. I go through a LOT of heels, you know? Especially when you see live shows like this!

Snagged tickets for the farewell / retirement tour of Slayer. Getting older so I am staying out of the pit. Going to be a great night in early June, getting to see them, Lamb of God, Anthrax, Behemoth, and Testament. Tickets were way sold out as they are only doing 24 shows in America before finishing their tour at the festivals in Europe. Going to be wild times that night I am sure!


  1. Hey Dee, I love the "bits and bumps"!!!!
    But as to the seems that many of my favorite bands are doing farewell tours these's really depressing that the icons of my youth are bowing down to old age!!!
    Time passes too quickly once you pass ten years old!!!!

    1. Yeah. Doesn't seem like all that long ago. While everyone else was pissed at Neil Diamond and Elton John saying they were done with tours, I was like, "FUCK! Slayer is retiring! NOOOOOOO!" and those acts seem ancient compared to Slayer, even though they started in 1983 .. so 35 years ago! GAH!

  2. Bela e gostosa,deliciosa linda,que tesão....

  3. Love both these, sure they will be fine in time and enjoy womanhood, maybe all will take is the day out with Mum / girlfriends.

  4. Love your work! Question, if wearing panties helps a male loose his dick, why is it taking me so long to loose mine? Keeping waiting and wishing! Zoe