Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dee's Top 10 (or so) Favorite Captions of 2014! Part Two!

It's just what you've been expecting!

I wanted to go through all my captions that I made in 2014, and pick out my favorite TEN captions of the year, and possibly explain WHY I liked them so much. Time often gives us a bit of perspective and maybe a few fell between the cracks and I like them more now than when I made them. Others were favorites of mine from the get go! There are no captions from December 2014 as its too early for me to say if they were some of the best of the year. We shall see how my favorites lined up with yours! Let me know if I missed a really good one!

There is no particular order to these Top 10 since I'm just going to grab them as I go along.

It is one of my more subtle captions, with a good premise, and to really understand it, you might have to look into the background. I guess its odd to focus on something that isn't in focus when you've got something right up front to keep you distracted.

I wrote this one as detailed as I could, and really ran out of room. One of the few times I wish I had a set of pictures to use instead of just one panel. The story itself plays with contrasts and the photo is what drove the entire story.I might actually update my preferences on the Haven soon as the next sort of thing I would like to see more of .. focusing on switches of power, physical characteristics, social status, and family dynamic.

I like twists and turns, and this certainly is a fun one to create and read. Even looking at it now from a few months back, I am still entranced by her cleavage and eyes, giving you no where to look without being caught in her trap!

Seems like October was one of my best months! Using one of my favorite models ever always starts things off with a good slate, but this one stuck with me from the moment I put the words into the caption setting. I love the dialog between the two characters, and the story is pretty unique, plus I get to work in the Canada angle which is always fun. No credenza, but still a blast when I get to put in simple touches that make me giggle!

It was hard to come up with the last spot, and I didn't want to punk out and list another 3-5 captions, but here are two I really like due to the design itself. I do like the stories, but they way they look themselves put them on the list for me, whether or not people liked them.

And here are the Top Five captions in terms of page views (from five to one) One or two of these might have made my list, but no need to list them above and then down here as well!

It's Like Riding A ...

Upstairs, Downstairs, All Around the House

I Really Don't See a Downside, huh Dave?

At Least She Let You Keep Your Junk!

Wedding Ring Around the Collar

Thank you one and all for supporting this blog and commenting regularly! See you in 2015!

Its a shame they really dated this song by stating a specific year, but the sentiment holds up. This goes out to the person who commented the most in 2014 .. Helena .. but to everyone out there...

for those who had a wonderful 2014 .. I wish for you continued blessings and good fortune.

for those who had a rough time .. I wish for you that every one of your dreams will come true!


  1. A good selection as always, but I think the purple/black background caption is linked incorrectly - it just relinks the entire page, no way to view the image itself.


    1. Thanks for the head's up. I believe I have fixed all the issues with linking and caption viewing!

  2. Replies
    1. Wooo! Glad you loved it! When it was originally posted, it was kind of a 50/50 split decision on whether people liked it or not.