Sunday, April 24, 2016

If Only There Was One of These in EVERY Neighborhood!

Do you know how much fun it would be to grow up with Miss Mentia as your next door neighbor?

Lacy doesn't have to imagine anything as everything is right there in caption form.

I wrote this about a week ago, but didn't want to flood her trading folder, as sometimes when that happens, captions can fall between the cracks. I wanted to stay away from another maid caption as I think the last 3 have all starred her as a maid, and though she likes that very much. I didn't want to make it a habit.

This time I found a model that was in a silky purple nightgown, and I felt like she had some boyish features there, plus a smallish bust line which is perfect when you are making cross-dressing captions for others. From there, the pose she was holding was very much the epitome of half-assed protest for protest's sake, which would quickly be shut down by the older and wiser fairy godmother so to speak.

The rest was just weaving dialog into a believable back and forth between a teenage boy and an older woman who has been around the world and can read people like a book. Perhaps she also invites boys over to her house who are much more like real men, and they can please her in a different way, with chores or scratching a sexual itch she might have while training them to be the alpha males they will be later in life. Lacy however, is going to learn how to use feminine wiles to get what she wants, with Miss Mentia as her mentor.

I can't deny that this was a lot of fun to write, and it still makes me giggle when I read it. It is playful, without being too embarrassing or degrading to Lacy, and much more like a tease as she exposes a bit more of her plans for him. I'm sure he'll be apprehensive every step of the way, but he is still definitely on board with whatever she has in mind. Lacy's continued existence probably depends on Miss Mentia's instruction and tutelage.


  1. The model is so beautiful!!!!!! If I could take her body I would happily switch!

  2. The fine art of persuasion. Ms dee mentia well get her way

  3. Corsetry and retro styles? Yes... I'd like that neighbor too!

  4. The caption was perfect. Just enough suspense and teasing to get me excited and a sexy nightie and promises of more. Loved it.