Friday, April 22, 2016

A Trip to the Mall for Leeanne .. Dementia's Going to Revitalize Local Economies ...

.. one sissy or feminized boi at a time! People will go to the mall under the right circumstances!

Made this one for Leeanne with a shout-out to Kaaren. In fact, if she wants, I can make this caption for her too by just swapping their names around. How's that for flexible?

Malls have been taking a beating lately, especially around here. Aeropostale is close to defaulting on a loan, J C Penney is still having trouble after a debacle with the former CEO who came in to rescue the store from Apple. Sears are closing down another 20 percent of their stores. The Gap and Old Navy seem like they are giving their clothes away. Even Hot Topic have closed down a few in our area, and one of our local malls just started leasing out space to a community college and making it a satellite campus. What's a mall to do?

Well, perhaps they should give out free mp3's like the one that Leeanne listened to and streamline the stores to match! Want to sell lots of women's clothing, shoes, jewelry, lingerie, makeup, accessories etc ?? Most women already have plenty of all that, so to expand sales you have to think outside the box. Well, how many pieces of feminine attire do most men have? None or maybe a pair or two of panties saved from a conquest or former girlfriend. Well, that means they have closets just awaiting a whole new wardrobe, with matching shoes, jewelry, and pocketbooks! And since the men aren't skilled yet, you'll need lots of chairs at the beauty salons to make them look pretty .. replacing all the old ladies that are slowing dying off.

If I owned a mall, I'd have been pumping out the subliminal messages over the speakers for years already. "Be a positive member of society. Buying pretty things for yourself is the American way! Support the world economy by being as feminine as possible! Shopping online is bad for local business. Besides trying on lots of clothes is so much fun to do, especially with your friends!"

Some stores are making a bit of a comeback. For instance, J C Penney has increased sales and traffic by including Sephora stores / salons inside the big box. Since this blog is focused on TG interests, I'm assuming that I shouldn't have to explain what Sephora is and what they do. OK, they are a makeup company and they have lots of beauticians there along with plenty of mirrors and makeup to try on right in the store plus samples to bring home AND they do makeover consults too! So yes, apparently some CEO's are listening to me and focusing on the girlier aspects of shopping.

And of course, there ARE mp3's out there like the one I mention in the caption. Whether they work or not is an entirely different discussion. You can usually find some on bit torrent to try, and if you like them, go to the hypnodomme's site and purchase it. If you need a recommendation, just ask as I've listened to quite a few. Most of the same hypnodomme's offer other mp3's for things like a hands free orgasm. While it hasn't quite worked for me yet, it can be very relaxing.

I have a busy weekend planned, Should be back on Sunday night, or worst case scenario, Monday.

Prince was serious about keeping his presence off the internet, so it is hard to recognize how much of a genius he was on guitar and so many other instruments. I've watched this video many times in the past, and possibly even linked to it here before. Just sends chills up my spine each time I watch this.


  1. Oh yes!!!! I can't wait to get my copy of that mp3!!!
    I'm always flattered and grateful when my name pops up in one of your Dee-lightful caps!!!!
    And I'm equally flattered to be in the company of the adorable Leeanne, she's the girl of my dreams!!!!
    Thanks Dee
    Kisses and hugs

    1. All set! It is the one that is right above the paragraph about hypnosis mp3's.

      I like using you and Leeanne because you two are often quite shameless among other things. Or the shame is an exciting part of the whole gestalt of the sissiness.

      Now we've just got to get Leeanne to see this. I don't think she pops in here as much as she used to, guessing she's been quite busy the last few months.

    2. Dear Dee,

      I hate making excuses for my behavior, but I have been busy. Obviously, I have missed out on this hot caption you made for me. I love those subliminal sissy messages too. Maybe that explains why you were able to so easily infiltrate my sissy brain waves. Love the jacket by the way. And Kaaren is always welcome in my sissy bed.

      Thanks a mil!